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Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5
Breaking The Mold of Muscle Making

For the most part, protein supplements are centered on one source of protein that determines the time of day when its best to take it to maximize effects. For example, hydrolyzed whey isolate is best taken first thing in the morning, or directly after a workout when your body can optimize protein utilization during those two 90 minute periods. Since hydrolyzed proteins are partially digested, the aminos rush the muscle cells to be used, but are quickly dissipated once maximum protein uptake has occurred, leaving the rest to be excreted. Without a factor to prolong the presence of this type of protein, its spent after an hour or so. Now, micellar casein contains properties to hold the protein in a gel in the stomach and deliver consistent amounts to cells over several hours. This boosts the impact of quality protein on muscle cells allowing the initial rush to fade out, give the cells a break, and when they’re ready for more, then its ready to accommodate.

So how does this concept apply to Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5? Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5 combines not just two sources of protein with unique properties, but 5 types of protein to completely abolish any “best time” to take it to get unparalleled results. Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5 utilizes advanced processing to eliminate the many digestive obstacles people find in proteins as well by filtering out most lactose, cholesterol, fat, and sugar to minimize digestive resistance and discomfort. This formula is tailored to ease transport, optimize utilization, and maximize muscle synthesis by preparing and deflecting processes that waste or hinder protein uptake.

The unparalleled composition of Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5 is one of several products in the Building Block Series designed to maximize growth and retention of muscle synthesis and make obsolete the catabolism that naturally occurs within the body. The formula increases results obtained through training and takes the uncertainty out of product choice and makes multiple protein products unnecessary with its “anytime” time frame for maximum gains. Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5 maintains its high quality whey protein isolate that is process through microfiltration to remove all byproducts of whey except the elements crucial to building and keeping muscle. The isolation reduces the whey to a pure undenatured form of the highest quality and most efficiently absorbed protein to be delivered over a 90 minute period. Pro-5 then adds hydrolyzed whey and lactalbumin as two of the most effective proteins for muscle building in a form that jumpstarts protein uptake. Any ingredient that is hydrolyzed is exposed to an enzyme that simulates partial digestion which results in protein that is ready to skip the stomach and head straight to the small intestines for uptake. This is the most rapid way to deliver protein to cells and ideal for the two timeframes ideal for protein uptake—the first 90 minutes upon waking and the 90 minutes post training. The delivery is swift, the protein floods cells, but dissipates quickly. The bypassing of stomach digestion also spikes insulin like growth factor which is an added pump for muscle cells. The signature in this formula is the implementation of not just one, but two anticatabolic agents that make Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5 Protein a “take it anytime” supplementation; micellar casein and calcium caseinate, two milk proteins isolated from the lactose, fat, and sugar, which act upon the ingested protein to slow absorption by encapsulating some of it in a gel form and slowly release protein to cells upon demand. This allows protein that would normally be dumped after the initial amino acid rush to be retained for use over a five hour period when your body would otherwise break down your own muscles to meet protein needs. This allows Physical Sciences Pro-5 to have maximum results any time of the day, even right before bed when the body is catabolic after a couple hours and muscle loss occurs Pro-5 will extend delivery of protein during this period to keep you anabolic day and night. The precision with which Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5 was designed makes this product a must have for those who work hard for the gains they make in muscle making, but who shouldn’t have to work hard to find a product that helps them maximize and retain their hard earned gains. Physical Sciences Body Builder Pro-5 and other Physical Sciences products are exclusively available through www.superhealthcenter.com only; please visit the site for more information and to purchase.

Whey Protein Isolate: Whey protein isolate is the name for a collection of globular proteins that can be isolated from whey, a by-product of cheese manufactured from cow's milk. Whey isolate has the highest Biological Value (BV-159) of any known protein. Whey isolate is a lactose-free or reduced lactose protein loaded with nutrients and essential amino acids. Whey protein isolate comprises four major protein fractions and six minor protein fractions. The major protein fractions in whey are beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin and immunoglobulins. Each of these components have important disease-fighting effects. In addition, whey protein is easily digestible. We use cross flow Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration Pure Form Whey Protein Isolate in all our protein products containing whey isolate.

Hydrolyzed Whey: The most digestible whey protein for human consumption. Hydrolyzed whey is a whey protein isolate that has some of its amino acid peptide bonds broken enzymatically into shorter chains of amino acids, leading to much greater protein absorption. Whey proteins produce a dramatic but short increase in plasma amino acids.

Hydrolyzed Lactalbumin: lactalbumin and lactoglobulin are the major proteins in whey. Hydrolyzed lactoalbumin is a specially prepared enzymatic digest of lactalbumin. It provides a rich source of short chain peptides and amino acids. By breaking the peptide bonds enzymatically into shorter chains of amino acids, leaving the protein in a state of digestion leading to much greater protein absorption.

Micellar Casein: An extremely high quality milk protein produced by a complex proprietary process that does not denature the protein during the manufacturing process. Casein was found to Be the only protein that was anticatabolic and prevented muscle tissue breakdown. Caseins produce a prolonged plateau of increased plasmas amino acids, over 3X that of any other protein in existence today. Producing the best nitrogen retention and utilization.

Calcium Caseinate: Produced by ultra-filtration or acidification processes of skim milk and the removal of most of the fat, minerals, lactose, and whey proteins. The high protein levels increase the nutrient density in the final product. Calcium Caseinate, like our other fresh skim milk derived proteins is very high in glutamic acid