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Protein Synthesis Director
(L-LEUCINE) Branch Chain Amino Acid

Protein Synthesis Director  (L-LEUCINE) 1.65 lbs Physical Sciences
Protein Synthesis Director (L-LEUCINE) 1.65 lbs Physical Sciences
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Protein Synthesis Director (L-LEUCINE) from Physical Sciences There is an old analogy in the health and fitness industry; if your muscle mass was a brick wall, every third brick would be a branched chain amino acid. Of the three branched chain amino acids, leucine may be the most important. Once absorbed, leucine goes straight into the muscles, where it then directs your body to “initiate protein synthesis”. It is because of this fact that Physical-Sciences has developed Protein Synthesis Director.

The powerful addition of leucine to meals and/or protein shakes can increase protein synthesis by 50 to 70%. That means more of the protein ingested is used to build muscle. Just imagine how much faster you will be able to build quality muscle mass when you have increased protein absorption by 70%!

Leucine is the major amino acid responsible for the anabolic effects of a meal. With Physical-Sciences Protein Synthesis Director, you have the ability to make every meal much more anabolic. Just add a serving of Protein Synthesis Director to your meals, and turn an everyday meal into an anabolic, growth-inducing super-meal! A protein meal is good, but adding Protein Synthesis Director to your meal, you are getting the most out of that meal. Isn’t that what your muscles really desire?

BUILDING BLOCKS SERIES This series of products will concentrate on providing the user with the highest ratio’s of the highest quality muscle building and enhancing compounds being produced in the world today. Our Protein Synthesis Director product will focus on increasing the effectiveness of our body’s ability to synthesis proteins after intense exercise and during the consumption and digestion of whole food meals. This product is the top choice for individuals demanding optimal performance from their nutritional supplements as they do of themselves.

L-LEUCINE: An essential amino acid which means that humans cannot synthesize it from other compounds; it must be ingested from sources. C4H9CH(NH2)COOH, obtained by the hydrolysis of protein by pancreatic enzymes during digestion and necessary for optimal growth in infants and children and for the maintenance of nitrogen balance and muscle protein synthesis in adults.

HOW LEUCINE WORKS: leucine is unique in that once absorbed it travels directly to muscle tissue where it acts as a signal for protein synthesis. How does it signal protein synthesis? Well, without getting too technical, leucine activates a special component of a muscle building metabolic pathway, called mTOR. Try to think of mTOR as the amino acid sensor in cells and know that it is sensitive to the presence of leucine. As leucine concentrations increase in muscle cells, mTOR knows there is sufficient protein available to make new muscle protein.

LEUCINE AND WHOLE FOOD MEALS: Just adding a few grams of Leucine to a meal, high protein or not-so-high protein, increases muscle protein synthesis by 50-70 percent in humans and increases protein turnover by over 500 percent. Most of the effects of amino acids on protein synthesis are mediated by Leucine. Leucine directs protein synthesis and translation initiation and is the major amino acid responsible for the anabolic effects of a meal. Leucine directs muscle-protein synthesis by itself, independent of the insulin surge you get from a meal. However, it does seem that the role of insulin is permissive in that some rise in insulin is necessary to allow Leucine to do its work. A protein meal is good, but adding Leucine to it makes it much better. Supplementing Leucine allows for the muscle to achieve maximum protein synthesis and anabolic recovery.

SUPPLEMENT FACTS Serving Size 5g (1 scoopful) Scoop Provided Servings Per Container:150 Amount Per Serving L-LEUCINE 5G(5000MG)

SUGGESTED USE: Leucine concentration in the blood may be more important than the actual amount of Leucine in the blood, so you don't want to take Leucine non-stop. It's better to take a scoop of it (5 grams) with each meal, let blood levels drop, and then take another scoop (5 grams)3- 4 hours later.

INGREDIENTS 100% pure Pharmaceutical-Grade LEUCINE crystalline powder.

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