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Prohormone Supplements

Prohormones can be ideal supplements for anyone wanting the benefits of anabolic steroids without the legal and health risks. Prohormones have often been called “legal steroids” or “pro-steroids” by the many users who swear by their effectiveness to build lean muscle mass and improve strength gains.

Prohormone supplements work by being converted to an actual steroid hormone within the body from an enzymatic process. The prohormone is basically a “precursor” to the steroid hormone, and the enzyme catalyst causes the bond, hydrolysis of the molecule, etc. to be changed and therefore turned into a steroid hormone. This may sound a little too scientific, but basically human enzymes turn prohormone supplements into testosterone.

Testosterone is the dominant male hormone, and the one which is responsible for men’s ability to gain muscle quicker than women. Testosterone stimulates androgen receptors, thus increasing the ability to gain lean muscle, lose body fat and increase the size and strength of muscles. Since anabolic steroids come with a whole slew of warnings and legal issues, weight lifters and athletes seeking to gain lean muscle mass needed an alternative to give them an edge, and the rise of prohormone supplements became apparent. With prohormones, the list of positive side effects includes:

• Increased energy
• Greater strength gains
• More muscle mass
• Improves sex drive
• Better stamina

On the downside, prohormones do come with a list of warnings. These are not miracle drugs, and since they mimic the effects of anabolic steroids, their side effects are much the same including; acne, hair loss and increased aggression. These muscle building supplements are to be used with respect.

For those individuals looking to gain lean muscle quickly and effectively, prohormones offer a great solution. Easy to purchase, easy to use and offering the same benefits of their steroid cousins, prohormone supplements provide an alternate route to those who want the benefits of steroids without all the risks