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Make Your Muscles a Monster
En Masse Permission Granted
by Mitigating Meddlers (aka FDA)

So your goal this year is yet again to ‘get big’, and you mean the biggest beast you’ve ever been; a hulking mass of might lumbering into the gym, neck so big your vocal cords only let you grunt. You want to focus on reducing body fat to achieve the freaky lean to showcase your veins like a hip hop star does his chains…and let me guess, you wanna know ‘what’s the best stuff to take to get results like that?’ First of all, take the anti-reality protective glaze off the foggy spectacles that frame your fantasies. You aren’t gonna be able to morph into a superhero; you only need to understand your body’s own bulk boosting brigade, in order to give it a hand at hulking you up.

The main component responsible for muscular growth and maintenance is testosterone. This androgenic hormone’s production is stimulated by the pituitary to increase blood levels of testosterone so it can be delivered to help you make muscle and maintain the ability, so the more you have, the more you make. The Pro Anabolic Kit by Advanced Muscle Science promotes your bodys productivity by supplying it with testosterone stimulants. Its like taking your mom and pop one man shop and bringing in an assembly line of muscle manufacturers to hyperproduce a hot item, in your case, testosterone. The three part phase of gains supports you with 4-AD RD which is the primary promoter of male hormones in a formula specifically designed with rapid uptake and utilization. This component will increase the load of test your body makes to increase availability to the body parts you want to bulk up. 4-AD’s sidekick, Decavol RD takes the mission statement of 4-AD and forces those newly manufactured masses of lean muscle to have the impressive property of steely hardness and greater strength than your run of the mill, made-at-a-home-gym muscle. The final addition to this triple threat trio is the AromaX RD to facilitate the flush of testosterone and anabolic compounds into their most effective areas to enhance the speed and efficacy of androgen delivery; this is the browbeating bouncer that forces the best to the front of the line as a VIP member of your muscle making club.

You cant do it on diet and dumbbells alone buddy. You need a backup, a boost; here’s your scrapper, fighting your fat burning, bulk building battle right next to you to get you to your goal of gaining. You want it? Come get it. www.superhealthcenter.com