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Pregnancy Home Test

Pregnancy Test 3ct Testmedica
Pregnancy Test 3ct Testmedica
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Pregnancy Test by Testmedica is an effortless and affordable way to find out if you are pregnant. This test is fast, easy and accurate -over 99%. Provides pregnancy results in five minutes. Pregnancy Test can be used as soon as the first day of a missed period. Each pregnancy package contains three tests. In 5 minutes, a color band will appear closest to the top indicating that the pregnancy test is complete (single color band). The closest band to the bottom shows the test results. If there is any color band close to the bottom (two color bands), you are pregnant. If there is no color band, or a single color band to the top, you are not pregnant.

English and Spanish instructions.

Pregnancy Test Directions:

Remove the test strip from its foil wrapper. Fill a clean cup with a urine sample and hold the strip in a vertical position. The urine level should not be higher than the "max level" indicated on the strip. Dip the test strip into the urine. Read the TestMedica Pregnancy Test results after 5 minutes