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Post Cycle Therapy

In the health and fitness industry, it’s no secret that sometimes people use anabolic steroids. No matter what their motivation to “go on” was, sooner or later they should come off. If coming off the gear is not handled in the proper fashion, all those impressive gains made from the incorporation of steroids will be lost, and that affect can be devastating. Luckily, there are ways to cycle off properly, increasing the chances of holding on to that additional muscle mass.

With the use of steroids, especially heavy androgens, natural testosterone production comes to a halt. The body reads the influx of steroids as a source of testosterone, and it tells itself to stop producing the hormone since it is coming from an outside source. When the steroid cycle is ended, it may take a while for natural test production to start back up, and this is when the gains from the steroids are most likely to be lost.

Supplementing with prohormones and test boosters can provide a huge benefit to restarting endogenous testosterone production, allowing users to maintain more of the gains they made from the steroid cycle. The trick here though, is the timing of the prohormone supplement, as starting too early or too late can mess up the post cycle therapy.

Another problem with coming off is that estrogen levels can creep up to excessive levels, leading to a whole slew of other problems that you definitely do not want. Luckily, many of the post cycle therapy prohormones come with added estrogen blockers to help keep this hormone’s levels in check, reducing the chances of unwanted side effects.

If you do decide to take the steroid plunge, you do so at your own risk. Be advised though, that coming off needs to be handled as carefully as the cycle itself. Proper Post Cycle Therapy can be the difference between making and keeping your gains, or losing them entirely.