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PICA (pronounce pike-uh) is the craving and consumption of substances that have no nutritional value or association. Commonly consumed material with which this condition is associated are soil, ice, and paper. There are many other materials consumed by PICA eaters, and it is dependent upon the cause of the condition that determines the creepy craving. PICA results from a mineral deficiency of various congenital or dietary causes that triggers a craving for things that contain the deficient mineral. Im sure you have witnessed someone in your lifetime eating something that they should not have been, but this doesn’t necessarily constitute PICA, as I will demonstrate below, (mothers-kids that pick their nose and eat it are not PICA eaters—and they are less freakish than the paste eaters).

In the case of iron deficiency, the person may crave ice. Now why ice and what defines the enjoyment of ice chips over a peculiar PICA propensity? Well, we’ve all chewed on ice chips here and there; more so out of the opportunity was presented by the slide of crushed ice against your face as you drained your soda. PICAS who suffer in the iron deficient specialty look at ice like you look at a steak. They crave it. They will prepare a bowl of ice chips like you would popcorn for a movie; moreover, they eat it like its satisfying their hunger. Weird (cheap date though). This particular craving is referred to as pagophagia, and ice made from hard water will contain a great deal more minerals than ice made from spring or soft water, particularly calcium and magnesium, and the ice quells the associated pains of iron deficiency such as swollen gums, tongue, and stomach.

Another form of PICA is those who dabble in dirt to get their deficiency fix. There’s a ton of minerals in the soil, though it is particularly high in sulfur and phosphorus. These people are the kids that took “pretending” to eat the “mud pie” a little far, and they consume it in an involuntary method to mitigate their lacking mineral.

We have all been told and have heard how very important it is to get your vitamins and minerals. But, it truly is a chain of unfathomably complex interactions that are dependent upon vitamins and minerals to which we often pay no mind. Diets today are over processed and often lacking in even a low end of the body’s requirements of essential vitamins and minerals. While vitamins can be manufactured within your body, minerals must be consumed to be put to work. So important these are to your body that it will actually pseudo-possess you into partaking in paper appetizers and dirt dinners to get them into your body so that proper function can be restored. I know a big excuse for not taking a daily vitamin/mineral blend is the size that accompanies the supplement and though it could be worse (like being reduced to eating wood chips—much bigger than supplements), Physical Sciences at www.superhealthcenter.com offers a liquid form of a comprehensive and complete vitamin/mineral profile to satisfy your body’s requirements before your body manipulates your main dish at dinnertime. So no matter what mineral you may be deficient in, Physical Sciences has their Ultra Performance packed with anti PICA power in the form of complete and natural minerals with which PICA conditions are most commonly associated. For more information on types of PICA eating and on products offered by Physcial Sciences, stop by www.superhealthcenter.com and browse the cyber shelves and take a look through the library to get more information on your concerns, or just email and have your curiosity quelled as quickly as a PICA with a pail of mud.

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