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Physical Sciences Reviews

Determination, Nutrition, and Physical Sciences. The only three things one needs to become a better, healthier, happier, more confident person. April 2010, just like every other day, I wake up, stumble out of bed, make my way to the bathroom, and look in the mirror. Their I am, all 6 feet 2 inches, 230lbs. I can't even look in the mirror at myself for a minute because I realize my body, my health, and my attitude is not at all where I would like it to be. Disgusted with my poor health, the way my eating habits have become, highly frustrated I decided to make the greatest life changing decision I've ever made.

The next day I decided to use my gym membership I hadn't used in Lord knows how long, knowing I'd have to start off gradually to reach my ultimate goal, to become a leaner, healthier, happier person. Over the next few weeks I began to run at the gym on the treadmill. Slowly, over time, I worked my way from half a mile, to a mile, then to two miles, three, and even FOUR miles! Working on how much time it would take me to run so many miles, I also began to start lifting weights.

By the time June rolled around I was right about 210 lbs. I was beginning to feel better about myself, my life, and my health but I wanted more. I began to try different types of supplements to help give me more energy and build muscle. Over the next few months I found myself cycling through different products that were guaranteed to, "Give you more energy", "repair muscles quicker" and even, "make you lift more weight while working out." To little or no surprise, these well-known, highly recommended pre-workout, post workout, and off day products were NOT working, making me physically sick to my stomach almost all of the time. After a few months of feeling like crap everyday from these, "highly recommended" products I had been "trial-and-erroring" , I decided to stop any and all products I was taking.

After a vacation I took that August, I was skimming through some photos of my family and I on the beach and found myself still, frustrated with the way my body looked. The next day, I decided to stop in the little shop, "Right Fitness and Nutrition" inside of my gym. I asked a few questions about their products, and described what had happened with the other products I had tried elsewhere. I was pointed in the direction of a newer, improved line of nutritional products that had no, "fillers" or junk in their products, Physical Sciences.Skeptical about the products, I began doing research on each individual product. Comparing each and every similar product on the market to Physical Science products, and even e-mailing the inventor, and owner ofPhysical Sciences for information regarding their products, I finally decided to buy a few products.

Beginning of September I began taking one scoop of Physical Sciences Creatine Ethel Ester before every workout, and two scoops of Physical Sciences Pure Pro 5 Protein Powder after every workout. I soon discovered these products were the real deal. Over the next few months I kept up this regimen of the Creatine Ethel Ester before workouts and Protein after, instead of eating a snack after workouts. I found the Creatine Ehtel Ester gave me the ultimate pump I had ever experienced during workouts and the Protein was perfect for my muscle recovery.

From September 2010 until now, January 2011 I've dropped 10% body fat and lost an additional 30 lbs! I now understand why these products are starting to sell so well... THEY ACTUALLY WORK! And they don't make you feel like crap, like all of those other phony products on the market! Not to mention, Physical Sciences is significantly cheaper compared to competitor products. If someone were to tell me I'd be where I'm at now, back in September, I would've laughed at them. I'm finally starting to look better and most importantly feel better about myself, my health, and my life.

Wayne Gretzky said it best, "You miss 100% of the shots you never take." Physical Sciences products is my shot I decided to take and it's more than paying off. So don't miss your opportunity to purchase the great products Physical Sciences has to offer. You can't put a price on success and happiness.
N. Ferrigno Cincinnati, Oh

Ive made greater gains on Physical Sciences than I have on any other protein, and it has a cleaner feel than the other crap!
F.Hinkle - Pensacola, FL

I started training for shows a few years ago and know how important it is to have good supplementation. I just thought all proteins were the same till I stumbled upon Physical Sciences. I will never buy another protein from any company other than Physical Sciences. I'm tired of all these companies claiming to be what Physical Sciences is, and thats 100% what they say they are. It gets old trying protein after protein and not getting anything real just getting fillers with a little bit of protein in my 5 lb jug. Until now..Thanks Physical Sciences for giving us something real!
J.Dermit - Dayton Oh

Love it! Five Stars!!!
S.Ivan - Toledo, OH

Every Supplement I try from Physical Sciences ends up being the best I've ever taken for that category. Where was this company 20 years ago? Thanks SuperHealthCenter for selling these amazing products on your wonderful website!
F.Baker - Kahului, HI