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Physical Sciences on Protein Taste: Bitter is Better

Physical Sciences Protein Line, newly released to exclusive retailers, has a bizarre trademark that may have some of you thinking an important component was left out. Taste; or rather, GOOD taste. Some of their formulas go beyond bitter with a tongue recoiling, nose repelling composition that would make some of the steeliest muscled men admit their weakest muscle is in their mouth. “Barely able to choke it down”, and “I just can’t stomach that,” are common responses from gym rats who hold tightly onto their ‘chocolate cheesecake’ flavored shake; these protein proponents have simply been the victim of an excellent marketing strategy that unfortunately takes away from the potency of the protein with each molecule of mouth watering flavor they use to fluff up their stuff. Don’t act surprised, you know your mom always told you that the better it tastes, the worse it is for you. Come on, pizza vs. peas. Who wins in taste? Who wins in health? Say it. Peas.

Human beings have evolved from making eating a necessity, that is, an action taken in the interest of sustaining life—like other mammals, to an event attended three or more times a day by the most discriminating and increasingly implacable palettes. Think of the cooking shows, the additives, the flavor we require to stimulate our taste buds that have been conditioned by overdoing food to the point of obesity producing precision. Programming us to crave what we should not and binge ourselves with beast like zeal. The association we have with food and flavor has become celebratory, invitational, and rewarding even. The perfect palette pleasing product has made gains in the gala of gluttony, and on the scale as well. We foster our flavor alongside failing health; it is our own catering to our taste buds that undermines our health. Physical Sciences has effectively rebuked the coddling of taste buds in favor of the fundamentals of health; retaliation in the form of a protein, scientifically pure and potently distressing to the diva-like tongue that dictates your diet.

We’ve established that good taste comes with a heaping side of health decline, so what is it that makes this protein that is so good for you, taste so bad? The euphemistic bitter description that Physical Sciences lends to its protein is the result of the digestive design of the protein components that ensure nearly complete absorption. Whey protein is typically defined as a mildly bitter substance when it is in its whole form, however, in the hydrolyzed form of some of Physical Sciences protein lines, the taste makes “bitter” jealous. Hydrolyzed whey is protein that is partially broken down into smaller components through an enzymatic process. This creates shorter chains of aminos that are immediately taken up by your gut. In layman terms, it is already kind of digested. You know, like vomit, or baby bird food; hence the taste. That’s the gross part. The phenomenal part of this process is that because a big part of the work is done for you, it allows the protein to bypass your stomach, like a VIP patron, and head directly to the exclusive chambers of your small intestine where these little links of lean muscle making material are scooped up and utilized to immediately initiate muscle synthesis. You can’t beat that with a strawberry shortcake flavored protein shake. And the elimination of any flavoring to mask this mess of mouth maddening muscle maker only adds to the absorbability of the protein. Flavor fillers complicate the grind in the gut preventing some of the precious peptides from partaking in the muscle promoting party in your cells. This is a fantastic feat for the bodybuilder, but an invaluable trait to those whose protein deficiency is brought on by illness or recovery, enabling complete utilization and health benefits from every serving, sans the sweeteners that slow down success.

So, bitter is better? You bet. This design takes us back to the basics in building not only our lean muscle mass, but our health and well being by leading us, with tastebuds kicking and screaming, to a fundamental form of nutritional support that places emphasis on efficacy, not on flavor (clearly). So bring your buds to bitter bootcamp and discover health benefits that break the mold of protein masqueraded as milkshakes—this is your health—don’t make it high maintenance.

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