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EAS Phosphagen 100 gms

EAS Phosphagen 1000gm
EAS Phosphagen 1000gm
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The research scientists at EAS started a whole new era in sports nutrition when, in 1993, they introduced the first creatine monohydrate supplement to the sports nutrition market under the brand name Phosphagen.

Phosphagen was the first creatine product shown in university studies to increase lean mass and strength in weight-training athletes.
Over the past five years, numerous university studies have confirmed creatine helps athletes increase size and muscle strength, even in the most rigorous trials.

Phosphagen is a nutrient formed from three specific amino acids and is also found in various whole foods, such as red meat. (Phosphagen is derived from sources free of animal products.) Phosphagen saturates muscle tissue with creatine, an essential precursor component of muscle energy production. By increasing muscle creatine concentrations, athletes can recover more quickly between bouts of intense physical activity, such as weight training. Over 95% of the body's creatine pool is stored inside muscle cells. And, leading scientists believe most athletes can store more creatine than is normally obtained from the diet. Phosphagen supplementation helps "saturate" your muscles with creatine. When the muscle holds extra creatine, it has more reserve fuel for intense exercise which can result in substantial increases in power. (Many Phosphagen users report significant increases in strength after using Phosphagen for only a week.)

It's also believed that when a muscle cell takes in more creatine, it also brings water along with it. This promotes a phenomenon called cell volumizing or cellular hydration. When a muscle cell is hydrated, it gets bigger, and this may create improved conditions for new muscle growth.

Cell volumizing does not involve water retention outside of cells-the type that can produce a "puffy" look. It promotes intracellular hydration. Think of your muscle cells as individual water balloons (muscles are made up of 70% water). If you can get more water inside of them, they get bigger and firmer-if you let water out, they get smaller and softer. When muscles start to swell with creatine and water, and then you train with weights, it can cause an extraordinary "pump."

There is no questioning whether or not Phosphagen produces dramatic results in the lab and in the real world; it does, and it works fast. That is undoubtedly why Phosphagen has been such an amazingly popular product-it remains the number one creatine supplement on the market and is used by tens of thousands of serious bodybuilders and other athletes to gain that "extra edge."

Each 5 gram serving supplies: 5 grams creatine monohydrate Dosage: Take 5 grams, mixed into juice or water, 4 times per day for 5 days. Thereafter, take 5 grams 1-2 times per day.
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