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Pet Health Care Products

Besides a healthy diet, pet health care products are essential for your dog or cat to get the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining health and fighting off illness and disease. Even if you feed your pets a natural high quality food, chances are it still doesn't provide all the vitamins and minerals that an animal needs to stay healthy and strong.

Vital nutrients are lost from fruits and vegetables because of todayís growing and harvesting techniques of pet foods. Pet foods are full of unnatural hormones and grains are sprayed with pesticides or other chemical fertilizers. Thatís a lot of toxins that harm our petís digestive systems. This makes it difficult for your petís body to maintain normal cellular health. Pet health care supplements replace those lost nutrients they so desperately need.

Did you know that the American Medical Association now recommends that pets should also take a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement? Just as we can't depend on food for all our nutritional needs, neither can our pets.

Benefits of giving your pets a health care product

∑ Increase health
∑ Increase longevity
∑ Rich in antioxidants to fight off free radicals
∑ Strengthen bones and cartilage
∑ Improve eyesight
∑ Increase cardiovascular functions
∑ Healthy coats

Too many pets suffer from poor health, inadequate nutrition, fleas, chronic scratching and skin disorders. All natural health care supplements can help ease a majority of these stressful health problems affecting your pets. Keeping a pets stress levels down is another way to ensure great health.

SuperHealthCenter.com is not only about keeping you healthy, but we also want your pets to live healthy lives too. We carry vitamins for dogs and cats as well as an assortment of other targeted pet health care products.

Flaxseed Oil for Animals 12oz Barleans
Pet Care
Regular price: $11.95
Super Health Center price: $9.99, 2/$18.99
Essential Pet
DGP Chewable 60ct American BioSciences
Regular price: $39.99
Super Health Center price: $29.99, 2/$57.99
NK-9 for Pets 30ct American Bio-Science
Regular price: $33.39
Super Health Center price: $23.99, 2/$45.99