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Patch-It Detox Patches by Nutriworks

Patch-It Detox Patches 20ct Nutriworks
Patch-It Detox Patches 20ct Nutriworks
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Patch-It Detox Patches by Nutriworks is a great body detox that will better your body with aches, pains, circulation, better sleep and immunity. This detox & cleansing product is now available at SuperHealthCenter.com's everyday low price!

Our patches are perfectly safe and doctor recommended.

Why use Patch-it

•As a simple, effective and fun detoxification program
•For soothing relief for aches and pains
•As an aid to improve circulation
•To foster better sleep and rest
•To recover form illness
•To re-energize and invigorate
•For use in injury recovery and convalescence.
•The making of wood vinegar

How Patch-it works

Patch-it is a poultice that contains a mixture or powdered ingredients. When the poultice is placed in contact with the skin and held in place over a number of hours, it promotes improved blood circulation and detoxification. The typical contact points on the body are the soles of the feet. It can also be used in areas where there is discomfort or pain. For example: Patch-it can easily be used on the shoulders, back, knee, ankle, elbow or other areas of the body.

Stimulation of meridian points

The concept of stimulating acupuncture points at the base of the feet, for example through foot reflexology massage, is well established. Meridians in Chinese traditional medicine may be understood as channels that link various parts of the body. Stimulation of points along such meridians by use of needles or massage will in turn generate stimulus in other organs or body functions that are related to that meridian.

Far Infrared Radiation

Patch-it utilizes the far infrared Radiation (FIR) effect of certain materials to stimulate of the meridian points. FIR has been researched and tested for many years in Japan, China, the US and Sweden for a wide variety of conditions such as muscle sprains, strains, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis, shoulder stiffness, period pains etc. One effect of FIR is that it may replicate a cardiovascular training effect even with people confined to a wheel chair whop are unable to exercise in the conventional way. Research in the early 1980's led to the idea that infrared stimulation of the cardiovascular system could be a possible means of maintaining cardiovascular conditioning.

Safe and Effective

Patch-it uses a special powderized purified aged pyroligneous acid that is free of harmful substances such as phenols. Nutriworks' powderized wood vinegar is made by a unique process to retain higher levels of vinegar (around 50% of the total weight of powder in the bag). This high concentration of vinegar is necessary to produce the beneficial far infrared effect. Patch-it provides a high level of active ingredients content and is designed for longer lasting effect. Generally the effect from the poultice ceases when all the powder in the bag is wet. Each poultice contains 5 grams of high quality, natural ingredients. With the use of a more absorbent bag material, each poultice will normally remain effective for at least 7 hours. After effective absorption of toxin and moisture from the body, the particles within the poultice turn deep brown in color.

Synergistic ingredient

Tourmaline is essential in order to benefit from the negative ion effect of these crystals. Both these crystals have been suggested to be beneficial to promoting physical well being. For example, tourmaline has been incorporated into fabric made into clothing that will provide healthy stimulus to the wearer's body. Sorbitol acts as a humidity sink acting as a trap for moisture that is removed from the skin surface during detoxification.

Ingredients: Pyroligneous Acid (Mandarin Wood Vinegar), Dextin, Tourmaline, Green tea (Camellia Sinensis).

Suggested Use: Use on the soles of the feet at night and at any time for other parts of the body. For maximum utilization and benefit, keep patches on for at least 7 hours. Place patch bag containing powder with printed side facing the sticky surface of the enclosed plaster sheet. Apply to the desired location. The powder in the patch bag will turn a deeper brown colour after use and have a sticky texture.