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It’s not that far away—that night everyone plans on going out—the biggest party day of the year. Second in popularity only to Black Friday; the universal notoriety and participation on Thanksgiving eve is the initiation of indulgence and drunken debauchery. This event is a long anticipated event of imbibing bitter beer, consuming cocktails, and shoving shots down your food shoot. Unfortunately, this event is hampered by the proceeding Thanksgiving Holiday gathering that involves copious amounts of food and family, for which you will not at your best, having barely choked down the reappearance of your late night feast of fried foods you only recalled eating upon seeing them in the toilet. Your head is pounding, you’re queasy, and the room is swimming and its 2 p.m. You have to find a way to keep your heaving stomach at bay, to dampen the sounds of life around your ears that are now afflicted by a whale-like sensitivity to sound, and to keep your head on the tenuous thread that holds the throbbing mess of garbage to which you’ve reduced your brain. Family members will know. They’ll whisper if they’re from the classless side of the family; others will talk about your mid life crisis induced ally with alcohol when they return home that evening. You’ll embarrass your parents. How do you prevent the train wreck you turn into every year? With a very meticulously prepared to do list; compliments of www.superhealthcenter.com of course.

To fight the foe that tags along with a night of hard partying, you have to understand what it is you do to yourself when you saturate your cells with alcohol. First you start by dehydrating yourself. You’ll know when it’s effectively active—when you “break the seal”. When you weave through the crowd to relieve your bladder, you are also relieving your body of numerous electrolytes and vitamins that prevent the imbalance that acts like a beating to your brain. Second, you load your liver up with toxins, and gorge your brain with glutarate. So these are the very things for which you have to prepare your defense.

1. Take a B vitamin complex. B1 (thiamine) will suit you up against the glutarate build up in the brain that contributes to the hangover headache. B6 (pyroxine) is a strong antioxidant and will help soothe your liver’s effects of toxin exposure, and b 12 will aid in recovering energy lost to trashing your tissues, and will also beat the stress of dealing with the pool of genes in which you swim. www.Superhealthcenter.com has this complex available in liquid form to increase bioavailability and uptake, (and for the following day when getting solids down seems like mission impossible) or in traditional pill form.

2. Liver armor, at www.superhealthcenter.com is a multi-compound formula designed to protect your liver from the sucker punch you’re gonna give it. Full of antioxidants and liver specific vitamins to lend a steely resolve to your hepatocytes (liver cells).

3. Recovery Stack at superhealthcenter.com is a cysteine containing creation that will cram you full of liver protecting aminos on a cellular level. Also chock full of sodium bicarbonate, an electrolyte you leave behind in the toilet, and one that is absent from the sports drinks at the gas stations. This will reduce the fist of dehydration that hammers a hefty headache in your skull.

4. Charcoal caps sold at www.superhealthcenter.com will help those of you who prefer a bit more fluff in your buzz with fruity concoctions and sweetened shots that sour in your stomach and kick the dumb dust up in your cranium; these additives are called cogeners. Charcoal will chew them up and spit them out (actually it will bind to the cogeners and escort them directly to the nearest-or only-exit). Or just stick to clear, straight liquor such as vodka or gin. (good luck)

5. A final touch to replace the bite your binge takes out of your well being—good ol’ caffeine. Pick up a bottle of Lipodrene or Black Mamba from www.superhealthcenter.com to combat the party still moshing in your melon through vasoconstriction of blood vessels. This is a common ingredient in headache meds—though the ache you are diligently drumming up is considerably more excruciating than your typical stress headache for which aspirin is designed.

6. Finally, don’t forget alka seltzer in the morning to eat up the acids in your belly from alcohol and whatever you wolfed down before dropping your liquor doused body on the nearest couch-- and put a teaspoon of sugar in it to beat the hypoglycemic state you unknowingly brought about. So, now you have no excuse not to party, and no excuse to be the zombie you typically are at Thanksgiving, and you’ve properly prepared yourself for the feast you would otherwise decline due to the hangover of hard partying and for the insufferable conversation from relations to which you can pay rapt attention. Six simple proactive steps to respectably dodge that reputation the years have earned you as a lush. Good luck!

More information can be found at www.superhealthcenter.com


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