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The Power Of The Brain
(and this time he is TELLING THE TRUTH!)

What is it about men who seemingly use sex as an answer to everything? Sex is their cure all answer to life’s riddles, resolution to troubled relationships, and the root of their ‘romantic’ incline. They flagrantly flaunt their fixation on sex-dicine as if they’d earned a degree in duping women; proud in their pretentious proclamation of mating as their generous suggestion to quell doubts. Utilizing the desirable bolstering of the bond between a woman and a man, it’s their trademark tout towards monogamy, and mind numbingly irritating. Their totally cliché explanation scores a great big goose egg, and negative points for the cavalier manner in which they deliver their attempted ambush on your naivete. What woman hasn’t gotten this ‘rationale’ from some dumb jerk in their life seeking to sew their oats and serve their needs at your emotional expense; its enough to turn the stomach of liberated women en masse at their paltry ploy for pleasure.

With this obvious elementary approach to getting what they want, could it be possible that there is some truth behind the slew of seemingly self serving statements?


The pituitary is a powerful protagonist of a plethora of physical processes and releases chemicals to enhance or counteract various fluxes that occur. During sexual arousal, orgasm, and labor specific events, the pituitary releases a curious chemical call oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as the “love hormone”, or “cuddling chemical”, and has proven instrumental in initiating not only labor, but the maternal bond between a mother and newborn. During sexual stimulation oxytocin levels increase and peak at orgasm lasting at these raised levels for hours or even days. This accounts for that blissful period of relaxed euphoria that follows orgasm as oxytocin encourages relaxation, but how does this affect the validity of your partners mindless mantra? Just as oxytocin orchestrates the bond between mother and child, it also does between partners, with a measureable impact on the way a man feels about his relationship.

SHE Said:” I’m too stressed,” HE Said, “Sex is a stress reducer.”

With the suppression of the amygdala responsible for fear and anxiety, oxytocin is a natural stress reducer. Feelings of contentment and security follow increased levels, social interaction increases as well as a general feeling of good will towards all. Oxytocin also inhibits cortisol, a know contender of peace of mind, antagonist of angst free euphoria, and the big bad bolsterer of belly fat. It’s the undefeated anti anxiety, compliments of the almighty pituitary.

HE Said: “It makes me feel closer to you when we have sex,” SHE said, “Good one.”

During studies on the effects of oxytocin, the emotional responses of men were measured during increased serum oxytocin levels. Showing results similar to the hormonal response to ecstasy, or MDMA, the increased amount of oxytocin levels within the brain is the foundation of it being coined the “hug drug”, for the increased openness and benevolence towards people.

SHE Said: “I don’t want to have sex when I’m mad at you” HE Said, “Sex makes it easier to get over my anger, I feel more forgiving.”

Observations showed the emotional response to reflect the increased trust and decreased fear that individuals experience on when under the influence of ecstasy. The typical factors of suspicion or fear that inhibit this openness are peeled away in the presence of oxytocin increase. Studies reflected an increase in kindness, empathy, sympathy, and forgiveness.

HE Said: “If we had more sex I wouldn’t have cheated,” SHE Said, “If you loved me, you never would have cheated.”

The increase in this hormone revealed a greater sense of allegiance towards their partner making it the main predictor in monogamy. Oxytocin increasing the pair bonding in all relationships, including parental bonds, but is specific to reinforcement of monogamy in a committed relationship.

So though it pains you to hear the above information supporting the age old theory that men have a one track mind for selfish reasons (not that there arent copious amounts of cads out there feeding you lines to get laid), research suggests that perhaps the very thing they fiend for is not just another rounds of rocks to get off, but a euphoric experience that is mutually beneficial and is boosting by the number of visits to the bedroom.