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OxyQuest by TBR Labs

OxyQuest 2oz TBR Labs
OxyQuest 2oz TBR Labs
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OxyQuest by TBR Labs is the most potent, unique formula with Stabilized Oxygen Molecules, dynamic immune boosting, bacteria destroying, circulation enhancing supplement available to you. We are surrounded by air; therefore it is easy for us to take this precious element and its unending supply for granted. However, if the supply of oxygen were cut off, we would die in a matter of minutes. Studies have shown that the amount of oxygen in the air that we breathe has decreased by as much as 50% compared to the days of our ancestors. The four modern-day stressors—toxic stress, emotional stress, physical trauma, and infections —increase the body’s acidic level further depleting the body’s oxygen supply. Our modern lifestyle has taken a heavy toll on our body’s oxygen content, and many people suffer from oxygen starvation without knowing it. We refer to this as “cell suffocation,” a condition that is killing us gradually.

Cell suffocation kills silently

Dr. Steven Levine, a respected researcher in nutrition, has stated that oxygen defi ciency is the single greatest cause of all diseases. In addition, Dr. Otto Warburg, two-time winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine, reported that the prime cause of cancer is lack of oxygen in the cells. Dr. Warburg proved that the growth of cancer is inhibited in a high-oxygen environment. His Nobel laureate lecture showed that when oxidation fails and fermentation is substituted for a cell’s energy, the pathway to cancer is opened. Many scientists are now examining the role oxygen starvation plays in the development of diseases.

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen is a healer, a cleanser, and a source of energy to every cell in our body. It will strengthen your immune system, destroys bacteria and viruses, and provides numerous life giving benefits. The diffi culty has been to harness oxygen’s tremendous benefi ts in a form that would be stable and non-toxic. Until the formulation of OxyQuest!

Ingredients: Purified ionized water,Sodium Chloride 17.6 mcg per serving,stabilized oxygen molecules.

Suggested Use: 20 drops in 8 oz water three times a day.

**Don't Use On Skin**