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Essential Oxygen by Aquagen

Essential Oxygen 2oz Aquagen
Essential Oxygen 2oz Aquagen
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Essential Oxygen by Aquagen

Superhealthcenter understands that Oxygen is essential to life and that Oxygen is critical to literally everyone's health. Without a continuous supply of oxygen, the cells in our bodies simply cannot function properly. Dietary nutrients require oxygen to convert their potential energy into usable energy and oxygen must be present for our immune systems to resist illness and eliminate toxins. As stress, anxiety, environmental pollutants and dietary deficiencies become more a part of modern life, they also rob the body of valuable oxygen. All of Aquagen's liquid oxygen supplements are safe, reliable and a convenient source for the extra oxygen your body needs. With the highest level of stabilized oxygen in supplement form the suite of Aquagen® liquid stabilized oxygen products are a simple, cost effective way to help improve your energy and endurance.


  • Improve your energy, endurance, vitality and alertness
  • Enhance your body's immune system
  • Help your body use vitamins, minerals and other nutrients more completely
  • Act as a powerful bactericide, viricide and fungicide in your bodies
  • All Natural, pH Balanced, and Non-Toxic

Ingredients: Oxygen Molecules in a solution of Sodium Chloride and Distilled Water

Directions: Adults: 15 drops in 8 oz. of water 3 times daily. Best taken on an empty stomach at least 30 min. before each meal. Since the oxygen in AQUAGEN® reacts with organic material, avoiding the recent consumption of food when taking AQUAGEN® will allow for better absorption into the blood stream. Children should take about half the amount as an adult.
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Oxygen Supplements

Oxygen is one of the most powerful healing agents ever, oxygen is now being used in a liquid form that is easily absorbed by our bodies and provides many great benefits to us.

Benefits of Oxygen Supplements

• Natural energy booster
• Stress reliever
• Increases cardiovascular functions
• Increases oxygen levels in the body
• Increase well being
• Promotes faster recovery

All of us only receive about half of the amount of oxygen that our bodies are supposed to intake daily. By living in a world with the amount of pollution that we endure daily we are not feeding our bodies cells with the proper nutrients needed to clean out toxins and wastes to keep our systems running at an optimal level. Antioxidants should be taken in conjunction with oxygen supplements to increase the amazing benefits and health that oxygen supplements can provide.

SuperHealthCenter.com has Oxygen Products for everyone wanting to harness the ever increasing health benefits that oxygen has for them.
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