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Canned Oxygen
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Some questions about Big Ox Canned Oxygen

Q. How much oxygen is in the air? A. The air today only contains about 21% oxygen.

Q. How is it different from normal (atmospheric) air? A. Big Ox is 89% flavored oxygen enriched breathing mixture.

Q. If Big Ox is 89% flavored oxygen-enriched breathing mixture what is the other 11% ? A. The other 11% is composed of Nitrogen, Argon and trace amounts of other gases.

Q. How much Big Ox should I use to maximize the benefits? A. Results vary by case. Generally, five to eight breaths of Big Ox in one session gives you the oxygen-filled boost you want.

Q. Is there an age recommendation for Big Ox? A. Though Big Ox is purely oxygen and is more clean than the air most of us breathe on a daily basis, it is recommended for people ages 18 and up. For those under the age of 18, it is recommended that parents or guardians monitor their child when using Big Ox to ensure its proper use.

Q. Will this help my asthma? A. Big Ox is not a medical breathing device and should not be treated as such. People who have been diagnosed with asthma, lung ailments or heart problems should NOT use Big Ox until they consult their physician.

Big Ox ingredients

Liquid Oxygen is brought into the warehouse and one drop is added to each can. When closed, the oxygen is expanded into the gas form of O2. The machine that puts the oxygen into the can calculates the percentage at 89%. The other 11% is ambient air, (the air in which you breathe). The reason there is 89% oxygen is because anything 90% or above is considered medical grade. We are not medical grade. Big Ox is considered for recreational use only. All can filling is done in a certified clean room. The flavoring, which is stored in the cap, is nothing different than a mint lozenge. It is basically flavored food oil.

Big Ox cans are made of recyclable materials. We encourage you to recycle Big Ox cans.

We here at SuperHealthCenter are proud to offer this fine product at our low, low prices.