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Increase Oxygen w/ Oxy-Caps

Oxy-Caps 90ct by Earth's Bounty
Oxy-Caps 90ct by Earth's Bounty
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Oxy-Caps by Earth's Bounty is the ultimate oxygen supplement and is now available at Superhealthcenter.com for wholesale prices. This unique product features stabilized, bioavailable oxygen that gives your body additional oxygen so your cells can function at their optimum for increased health and vitality. Oxygen has unique antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Take Oxy-Caps as needed or as part of your daily routine.

Oxy-Caps Features:

  • Increases energy, stamina. Helps breathing at high altitudes.
  • Helps with fatigue, stress, low energy, poor resistance
  • Athletes—helps with endurance, aerobic capacity and recovery. Delays onset of oxygen debt.
  • Seniors—helps with vitality, concentration and alertness
  • Great for smokers and helps with air pollution—helps detoxify chemical overload.
  • Nourishes cells to improve low oxygen levels
  • True stabilized oxygen in a convenient capsule

Ingredients: Specially bonded Sodium Chlorite, Sodium Carbonate. Also neutralized Rice Powder, Maltodextrin. Contains only 10mg Sodium per capsule.

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules three times daily. Best taken on an empty stomach.

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