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Oligonol by Quality of Life Labs

Oligonol 30ct Quality of Life Labs
Oligonol 30ct Quality of Life Labs
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Oligonol by Quality of Life Labs is a particularly innovative antioxidant and anti-ageing nutritional supplement. It contains oligomerised polyphenols - the first supplement in which polyphenol polymers have been successfully converted into oligomers, molecules with superior bioavailability and much greater biological activity.

Scientific research reveals that Oligonol is a safe, powerful anti-oxidant that can slow the aging process. Clinical studies supporting Oligonol as an efficacious healthy aging dietary supplement were conducted in the following areas:

  • Skin improvement (to prevent and reduce wrinkles and freckles)
  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Reduction and fast recovery from fatigue
  • Prevention and improvement of metabolic syndrome
  • Natural, safe, no negative interactions

Research data from the above studies can be provided upon request. Below is a chart showing the ORAC capacity of Oligonol versus other leading antioxidants.

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