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Natural Sterol Complex

Natural Sterol Complex 90ct  Universal
Natural Sterol Complex 90ct Universal
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Natural Sterol Complex by Universal contains a comprehensive formulation of the most powerful anabolic plant sterols, lipotropics, electrolytes and much more. Natural Sterol Complex™ is 100% safe and legal for all training and competitions at every level. For those individuals who want the power of Natural Sterol Complex in a capsule, there are Natural Sterol Capsules. Increase your muscle density, strength, recovery and energy with powerful plant sterols & lipotropics.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size (tabs) 6
Servings Per Bottle 15
Calories 8
Protein (g) 2
Calcium (mg) 2000
Magnesium (mg) 100
Potassium (mg) 99
Mexican Wild Yam (g) 1
Smilax Officinalis,g 1
Muira Puama (g) 1
Gotu Kola (mg) 515
Boron (mg) 3
Gamma Oryzanol (mg) 500
Fucosterol (mcg) 7959
BetaSitosterol (mcg) 5663
Campesterol (mcg) 3376
Stigmasterol (mcg) 1924
Mixed sterols (mcg) 10090
Bee Pollen (g) 1
Guarana (mg) 500

Ingredient Details:
Mexican Wild Yam Root, 1000mg; Smilax Officinalis Extract: 1000mg; Muira Puama: 1000mg; Gotu Kola: 515mg; Boron: 3mg; Gamma Oryxanol: 500mg; Fucosterol: 7959mcg; Beta Sitosterol: 5663mcg; Campesterol: 3376mcg; Stigmasterol: 1924mcg; Other Sterols: 10091mcg; Bee Pollen: 1000mg; Guarana: 500mg; Korean Ginseng: 100mg; Cytochrome C: 100mg; Dimethylglycine: 100mg; Inosine: 100mg; Royal Jelly: 30mg; Kola Nut: 25mg; Calcium: 200mg; Magnesium: 100mg; Potassium: 99mg; Linoleic Acid: 1040mg; Oleic Acid

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 6 tablets - take 2 tablets after each meal. On training days, take 2 tablets one half hour before workouts and 2 tablets after two meals.As with all exercise and nutrition programs, please consult your physician first.

Warnings: Use as directed. Keep out of reach of children. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.