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Cytodyne Myoblast CSP3 120ct

Cytodyne Myoblast CSP3 120ct
Cytodyne Myoblast CSP3 120ct
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In fact, this new-generation mass builder is quickly making every other synthetic or natural anabolic compound on the planet literally obsolete! No supplement, no prohormone, no anabolic agent available today can even remotely compare to this radical new development.

Science on the Edge

Several years ago, scientific studies were conducted with some of the world’s top bodybuilders, where it was discovered that most of these individuals lacked, or had unusually low levels of a naturally occurring gene in the body called myostatin. The myostatin gene is extremely critical because it produces a protein whose sole job is to regulate muscle growth. In other words, this myostatin protein establishes your muscle-building “set point.” And once you reach it, the myostatin prevents you from growing any further. So regardless of what you’re taking to grow muscle, you may never achieve your absolute maximum until you block or regulate the dreaded myostatin protein! This is the biggest news ever to hit our industry.

Now, for the first time ever, you can neutralize this muscle-stopping protein with the most advanced bodybuilding formula on the market today. New Myo-Blast delivers the world’s highest potency dose of the most powerful myostatin-neutralizing agent known to science—Myozap CSP3.

Myozap is the trade name for a revolutionary new patented compound called Fraction C. This extraordinary extract is derived from an exotic sea plant (Cystoseira canariensis) and was first discovered during scientific studies conducted by bio-chemistry researchers at Las Palmas University in Spain. This amazing discovery represents a complete new direction in attaining the kind of muscle mass you could only dream about, until now. Imagine the gains you can make when your body’s muscle-building regulator is neutralized. This is an absolute defining moment for the entire bodybuilding community. With this amazing technology in your corner, there’s nothing to stop you from getting as huge as you want!

Basically, here’s how it works: Unlike any other natural compound known, the Fraction C in Myo-Blast naturally binds to the myostatin protein, working to actually cancel its ability to stop muscle growth. Once it’s neutralized in the body, suddenly, brand new muscle proteins called myoblasts begin a rapid proliferation and dramatically increase in number. Simply stated, these new muscle cells then form new fibers of muscle tissue. Each individual new fiber alone actually represents the potential for additional new muscle, on top of what you already have. And these many new muscle fibers eventually form throughout your entire body, giving you more “genetic ammunition” to explode new muscle beyond what you were born with.

Researchers have also discovered that when the myostatin protein is blocked or decreased, it also works to decrease your body-fat levels. In fact, in all the animal studies, a decrease in myostatin resulted in up to a phenomenal 70% reduction in body-fat levels. So not only do you get unbelievable new mass gains, but at the same time, you greatly reduce body fat. This unprecedented dual action makes Myo-Blast CSP3 without a doubt the most amazing innovation to ever hit the bodybuilding world.

Supercharged for Maximum Anabolic Power

The Cytodyne researchers left no stone unturned in the quest to create the single most potent muscle-building supplement ever. To achieve that goal, Myo-Blast was scientifically engineered to also address two other critical factors in the muscle-building equation—Cortisol Reduction and Protein Synthesis. These important physiological responses are accomplished through the use of two of the most powerful anabolic compounds from Russia Rhaponticum and Rhodiola rosea (these are the same compounds that researchers have recently determined to be the “Russian Secrets” during their days of dominating Olympic competition). In effect, by simultaneously neutralizing myostatin, reducing cortisol and increasing protein synthesis, the ultimate “anabolic” environment is created. In other words, the body is primed for rapid and explosive muscle growth.

The Ultimate Transformation

Myo-Blast CSP3 represents without question the most stunning breakthrough for growing and building awe-inspiring muscle ever invented. Now, this amazing muscle-maximizing technology gives everyone the power to reach championship size and muscularity. Stand back because you’re about to enter an entirely new universe of bodybuilding, guaranteed to change the industry forever. The bottom line is that Myo-Blast CSP3 is the first supplement that can truly promote visible increases in lean muscle mass that you can begin to see within just days of use.

Change the way you look and feel fast with new Myo-Blast, the most revolutionary muscle-building supplement ever!

Serving size: 2 Explo-Caps, Servings per container: 60

Each serving provides:

MyoZap™ CSP3……600 mg*

(Cystoseira Canariensis) Rhodiola Rosea Extract……200 mg*

(standardized for 5% rosavin) Rhaponticum Carthomoides Extract……62.5 mg*

(standardized for 25% 20-hydroxyecdysone) Anabolic Amino Acid Complex……485 mg*

(taurine, carnosine, l-leucine)

*Daily value not established

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take two Explo-Caps in the morning and two Explo-Caps in the afternoon with 8 ounces of water.