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Myo-Med Pain Relief Cream

Myo-Med 3oz Bioforce (Pain Relief)
Myo-Med 3oz Bioforce (Pain Relief)
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MyoMed is a pain relief cream created by health care professionals and recommended by doctors and sports athletes for all those who do not let sore muscles, arthritis, or backache get in the way of every day living. MyoMed provides relief through all-natural, toxin-free ingredients such as CFA, Bryonia Alba, Rhus Toxicodendrin, Shark-liver oil and deodorized garlic oil. MyoMeds proprietary, all-natural nano delivery system carries these pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients deep into affected tissue to provide fast and lasting relief.

Great therapeutic treatment for:

  • arthritis
  • sports injuries
  • backache
  • strains
  • bruises
  • sprains

Athletes who use Myo-Med:

  • Tom Brady - 2 Time Super Bowl MVP for the New England Patriots
  • Willie McGinest - Cleveland Browns LB - 3 Time Super Bowl Winner
  • LaDaininan Tomlinson - NFL MVP for San Diego Chargers
  • Lisa Leslie - 3 Time WNBA MVP LA Sparks

Purified water, Cetyl Myristoleate, Bryonia Alba 6x, Rhus Tox 6x, Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate), Shark Liver Oil, De-Odorized Garlic Oil, Phospholipids, Cetyl Esters, Emulsifying Wax, Glycerine, Glucose, Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase (Paraben Free).
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Natural Pain Relievers

Taking all kinds of pain medications can be very hard on your overall health and general well being. Pre-scribed medications as well as over the counter ones can have some serious side effects to a lot of people. For those people natural pain relievers are made with pure essential ingredients that have little to no side effects.

Benefits of Natural Pain Relievers

No harmful side effects
Non addictive form
Natural ingredients

Natural pain relievers will affect everyone differently always know your tolerance levels to them. SuperHealthCenter.com has a great selection of Natural Pain Relievers for all kinds of different pain relief.
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