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L-Glutamine by Nuco Power Blendz

L-Glutamine 1000g Nuco Power Blendz
L-Glutamine 1000g Nuco Power Blendz
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L-Glutamine by Nuco Power Blendz is the ultimate muscle recovery and strength building supplement. This fantastic anticatabolic is available at SuperHealthCenter.com.

L-Glutamine is on the same level with Creatine 1000 in results and in some instances even better! The nice thing is L-Glutamine is PROVEN to work for speeding up muscle recovery, increasing strength, and enhancing energy.

During stressful situations (i.e. heavy resistive weight training), the body can lose a large amount of glutamine. A loss of glutamine during exercise may be a signal for protein catabolism (muscle breakdown). Glutamine supplementation has been shown to prevent the loss of body mass through the positive role glutamine plays in protein synthesis and its action as a powerful anabolic (cell grower). A recent study showed up to a 400% increase in growth-hormone levels when as little as 2 grams of free-form L-Glutamine supplement was consumed. Just check out this list of proven benefits:

•Improves athletic performance
•Improves brain functioning
•Stabilizes blood sugar
•Helps the heart function
•Strengthens the immune system
•Maintains the health and functioning of the gut lining
•Decreases alcohol cravings
•Decreases sugar cravings
•Helps with wound healing
•Helps maintain proper acid/alkaline balance
•At only 29 cents a dose you can’t afford not to be taking L-Glutamine.

Stack Power Blendz L-Glutamine with Nuco Creatine Complete for optimum results. You will not be disappointed with the effects you receive from the fantastic stack.