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Muscle Nog by Total Body Research Labs

Few protein sources have been used as long as eggs. For centuries men and women alike have enjoyed the nutritional value and quality protein that is provided by eggs. In the health and fitness industry, eggs have been a primary protein used by nearly everyone who is either looking to gain lean muscle mass or lose unwanted body fat. On the downside, the yolk of the egg contains a high amount of calories, fat and cholesterol. Because of this, egg whites have been the coveted protein, resulting in a slew of powdered egg white proteins from nearly all supplement manufacturers.

One powdered egg white protein that stands above the rest is Muscle Nog. Using a sophisticated process to manufacture the egg white protein, Muscle Nog has created a powdered egg white protein that is non-denatured, highly nutritious and mixes easily in water.

Muscle Nog takes liquid egg whites and uses a low heat manufacturing process to kill off any harmful bacteria. This low heat also keeps the egg white from becoming denatured, which destroys most of the nutritional content and lowers its bioavailability and biological value. Once the liquid egg white has gone through the low heating and pasteurization process, crystals are separated from the liquid, resulting in an egg white protein powder with the whole nutritional value of the original egg white.

This powdered egg white from Muscle Nog is completely mixable in water, has a shelf life of up to three years and is completely portable so it can be taken anywhere. On top of all this, Muscle Nog does not need to be refrigerated like typical liquid egg whites, and it can be used in baking or any other recipes that call for eggs or egg whites.

Egg white protein will always have a place in the health and fitness world. With the hassle of separating eggs, combined with their limited convenience, Muscle Nog is an ideal way to supplement any nutritional plan with a quality powdered egg white protein.