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Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix Fat Loss Pills

Shred Matrix 60ct Muscle Pharm
Shred Matrix 60ct Muscle Pharm
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Shred Matrix by Muscle Pharm is now available in the 60ct bottle. Shred Matrix is a fat loss product that takes getting shredded to the highest levels by not only combining specific ingredients but entire fat shredding formulations. It's multi-pathway ingredient matrix will attack fat loss from every angle for the quickest and most efficient results, resulting in a shredded physique!

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 3 Pills
Servings Per Container 20

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*

Vitamin B5 (D-Calcium Pantothenate) 5.76mcg 58%
Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 5.76mcg 29%
Calcium Malate 3.8mg 38%
Magnesium Gluconate 6.5mg 1.62%
Potassium Aspartate 1.16mg 0%
Zinc Monomethionine 1.16mg 8%

Shred Matrix Proprietary Blend 3660mg **

Energy & Fat Loss Matrix 1259mg **

Yerba Mate Extract **
Suma Extract 25:1 **
Panax Ginseng Root **
Green Tea Extract **
Guarana Seed Extract 22% **
Fo-Ti Root **
Siberian Ginseng Root **
Saw Palmetto Berries **
5-HTP **
Methyl-Synephrine HCL **

Appetite Balancing & Weight Management Control 797mg **

Hoodia Gordonii African Pure 20:1 **
Alpha-Lipoic Acid **
Gymnema Sylvestre (Leaf) 25% Extract **
Glucotnmi (Corosolic Acid 1%) **
D-Biotin **
Chromium (From Chromium Chelate) **
Phaseolus Vulgaris 10:1 (From White Kidney Bean) **

Dierutic Complex 575mg **

Dandelion Extract (Taraxol, Taraxerol) **
Uva Ursi Extract (Arbutin, Methyl-Arbutin) **

Sugar Stop™ & Enzyme Aid Matrix 554mg **

DigeSEB®, Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Almond Oil, Apple Pectin, Wild Yam Root (Mexican), Irish Moss, Artichoke Leaf, Kelp, Dulse Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Chlorella, Bromelain, Rutin NF

Brain Power Matrix 475mg **

Pyroglutamic Acid, Guar Gum, Papain 2000

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

** Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients
Caffeine Anhydrous, Turmeric Extract (95% Curcumin), Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Wood Betony, Astragalus Root, Kelp Extract (220mcg), Garlic, Cayenne 40,000 BTU, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate.

Take one serving (3 capsules) with an 8 oz glass of water twice daily. Morning: Take three (3) capsules with 8 ounces of water 30-45 mins before breakfast. Afternoon: Take three (3) capsules with 8 ounces of water 30-45 mins before lunch. Drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day while on Shred Matrix. Shred Matrix should not be taken within 6 hours before bed.

**Be sure to drink 1 gallon of water per day while taking Shred Matrix. Taken on empty stomach can cause dizziness and nausea.

Do not take this product if you are under the age of 18. Consult your physician before using this dietary supplement. Do not use this prduct if you are at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid, or phychiatric disease, difficulty in urinating, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder, or stroke. Consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning any weight loss program. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or prone to dehydration.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.