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Meth Home Drug Screen

Meth Screen 2 Test Testmedica
Meth Screen 2 Test Testmedica
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Methamphetamine Drug Screen by Testmedica quickly checks the diagnostics of specific parameters in the urine for the use of meth. The detection of these parameters and their levels may be indicative of an abnormality or an infection. These TestMedica Methamphetamine Drug Screens are, easy, accurate and affordable.

No need to take time off from work. No insurance copays. Private. In-home test results are not shared with anyone. Accurate. When used as directed, over 99%. Quick & easy. Just dip in urine and read results. Each TestMedica Methamphetamine Drug Screen package contains 2 tests

TestMedica's One Step Home Methemphetamine Drug Screen contains two urine drug tests giving positive or negative results.

Meth Test Directions:

Remove the test strip from its foil wrapper. Fill a clean cup with a urine sample and hold the strip in a vertical position. The urine level should not be higher than the "max level" indicated on the strip. Dip the test strip into the urine and read results after 5 minutes.

If there are two color bands, results are negative. If there is one color band, results are positive.