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SuperHealthCenter Merges with Physical Sciences

In an effort to deliver the most comprehensive selection of only the highest quality products, www.superhealthcenter.com has collaborated with Physical Sciences owner Jonathan Eberhart, as an exclusive retailer of the unparalleled nutritional supplement line. Physical Sciences is comprised of medical grade products of unprecedented purity and efficacy, tailored to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of nearly every walk of life, from bodybuilders to the critically ill. The long awaited, and much anticipated merge of Superhealthcenter.com and Physical Sciences allows us to bring to our customers a premium product line with a prestigious reputation; our exclusivity with Physical Sciences ensures availability to those who are now, and those who will be, customers of www.superhealthcenter.com We are constantly striving to meet our customers' expectations of the 'super' in superhealthcenter.com, and come January 2011, with the launch of Physical Sciences products, we hope to exceed them.

Physical Sciences Supplements