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Marquis 15X Bronzer
Dark Tanning Complex from Supre

Marquis 12oz Supre
Marquis 12oz Supre
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Marquis 12oz. by Supre is a 15X bronzer formulated with MelanoMax™ Dark Tanning Complex to give you a deep, dark, natural-looking tan. Marguis also has RenouVeau™ to promote skin renewal and protect against oxidative stress. IllumiLast™ provides your skin superb hydration to prevent your tan from fading for a long-lasting tan.

• Magnificent 15X bronzing formula with the advanced DHA Delivery System evenly distributes color to give excellent tanning results and darkening your skin for up to 12 hours after UV exposure. Color can last up to eight days .

• RenouVeau™ Skin System combines Champagne Grapes, French Wine Extracts, and Omega Fatty Acids all blended to provide skin renewal and give you firmer, healthier-looking skin.

• MelanoMax™ Dark Tanning Complex stimulates melanin synthesis to give you a deep, dark, natural-looking tan.

• A nourishing complex of moisture-blended Silicones plus antioxidants to give you elegantly smooth-feeling skin while providing Environmental Stress Protection.

• IllumiLast™ Tan Extenders combine Honeydew, Coffee Berry and Tyrosine blended together to prevent color fading and give you a longer-lasting tan.

We here at Superhealthcenter.com are happy to offer Marquis by Supre for the ultimate deep, dark, natural-looking tan.

Fragrance: Blackberry Torte