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Because Lysine cannot be manufactured within the body, it is considered an essential amino acid and must be obtained through dietary measures and supplementation. Adequate lysine levels are necessary for protein maintenance and synthesis. Lysine intake is associated with improved calcium absorption making this an aid against osteoporosis and coupled with the derivative of lysine, allysine used to generate collagen, it seems to compensate for age related losses of both.

L-lysine and L-arginine used in combination with one another stimulate an increase in growth hormone release, and because they oppose eachother they can help to regulate levels of the other and resulting effects within the body. For example, increased arginine can exacerbate the lesions or breakout in a person who already has the herpes simplex virus because herpes proliferates in the presence of l-arginine. However, lysine has been shown to calm a breakout by reducing arginine with the increased levels of lysine.