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Liver Longer for a healthy liver

Liver Longer 60ct ThermoLife
Liver Longer 60ct ThermoLife
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Liver Longer by ThermoLife

Have you ever used oral Anabolic Steroids such as Dianabol, Anadrol, Winstrol, Halotestin, etc.? What about over the counter pro-hormones like Methyl Masterdrol, Oxodrol, S-Drol, MassTabs, Pheraplex, Halodrol, Superdrol, Pro Magnum etc.? If so, your health could be in serious trouble. All of these products, (and more), can cause serious liver toxicity. The three main types of hepatotoxicity seen clinically from the use of oral steroids include intrahepatic cholestasis, peliosis hepatis, and hepatic adenoma. None of them are pretty and can lead to serious health problems such as jaundice, heart disease, liver failure, cancer or even death.

There is however some very good news concerning all of this. Interestingly, all three of these toxicities are believed to be related, stemming from cholestasis. Cholestasis occurs when the 17-hydroxyl group of the oral steroid enters the liver and it becomes glucuronidated, slowing down bile flow and sometimes stopping it completely, this slowing of bile is the cause of all the previously mentioned liver problems from oral steroid use. The active ingredient in Liver Longer™ is a noncompetitive inhibitor of steroid glucuronidation, research has shown the ingredient in Liver Longer™ will prevent the slowing of bile passing through the liver and thus prevent toxic metabolites from being formed. In addition Liver Longer™ may increase the excretion of any glucuronide metabolites that do get formed, so they will not be around long enough in the liver to start down regulating any bile acid transporters that could lead to disease.

Liver Longer™ from ThermoLife International is a breakthrough product, specifically targeting steroid toxicity, and is not a run of the mill liver protector. Liver Longer™ was developed to prevent the formation of toxic steroid metabolites, reverse the toxic actions of the metabolites that do get formed and speed the elimination of the metabolites from the liver. If you have recently taken any oral anabolic steroid, either in an over the counter supplement or pharmaceutical (black market) form, you need to be taking Liver longer™ to protect your self. ThermoLife International is the first and only company to bring this unique product to market. Get yours today and Liver Longer Life!

Liver Longer (more technical information):
Anabolic steroids have a reputation for being very harmful for people to use. In reality, the side effects of anabolic steroid use are generally overstated by the media and also by most healthcare professionals. The common protocol is to throw out a laundry list of side effects to describe the “evils” of steroid use. While steroids are neither deadly nor harmless, some are better than others with regards to health. Specifically, steroids that are modified at the 17-alpha position with an alkyl group are responsible for the majority of negative side effects attributed to steroids in general. Although these steroids are sometimes injected, they are commonly considered oral steroids.

Examples of oral 17-alpha alkylated steriods:

Supplement products: • Desoxymethyltestosterone (Pheraplex®) • 4-chloroandrostenediol (Halodrol 50®) • Methylmasteron (Superdrol®)

Illicit products: • Dehydromethyltestosterone (Dianabol) • Oxymetholone (Anadrol 50) • Stanazolol (Winstrol) • Methyl-1-testosterone • Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) • Mibolerone (Cheque drops)

The good:
For bodybuilders and athletes, oral steroids are able to sneak past the liver to get into the bloodstream. This is good and bad thing, however. It’s good because this allows the ingested steroid to remain active after passing through the liver. This is in contrast to non-modified steroids, which are rapidly metabolized to inactive steroids. The modification becomes advantageous for those who do not use injectable steroids or who wish to add additional types or amounts of steroids to an injectable protocol.

The bad:
The downside to the alkyl modification of the steroid is that it allows for the steroid to become liver toxic. The reason the modified steroids become liver toxic is because the steroid is able to form 17-glucuronide metabolites.6 These metabolites are the culprits when it comes to oral steroid liver toxicity.

The ugly:
There are three main types of hepatotoxicity seen clinically from the use of oral steroids. These include intrahepatic cholestasis, peliosis hepatis, and hepatic adenoma. Cholestasis is the most common side effect seen, with peliosis and adenoma being much less common. Cholestasis occurs when bile flow through the liver is impaired. When this happens, products that are normally carried in the bile to the gut and excreted begin to build up within the liver. These products can reach toxic levels and cause cell damage and death. Monitoring for liver enzymes such as AST and ALT could detect if damage was occurring in the liver. Cholesterol metabolism becomes impaired as a result of cholestasis, with an increase in LDL (Bad cholesterol) and decrease in HDL (Good cholesterol).2 These cholesterol changes may lead to an increased risk of heart disease, and are very common with oral steroid use. HDL below 10ng/dl is not uncommon to hear about. That’s bad considering the desired level is greater than 40ng/dl! Finally, jaundice may occur. What essentially occurs is a buildup of bilirubin, which is formed when red blood cells break down. Since it cannot be excreted in the bile, it essentially backs up into the body and causes a yellowing of skin and eyes. This is not something you want to see!

Peliosis hepatis is characterized by blood filled cavities within the liver. Rupture of these cavities may lead to death or liver failure. Hepatic adenoma usually presents as a benign tumor, which may become malignant or interfere with hepatic function as well.

There is some very good news concerning all of this. Interestingly, all three of these toxicities are believed to be related.6 Cholestasis, over time and left unchecked, is believed to lead to the more serious side effects.5,6 It’s a progression that can occur over time with prolonged use. This also means that if you could prevent cholestasis, you could prevent the complications from that, in addition to the other risks as well!

Can it be done? We believe it can be done!.

LIVER LONGER™ specifically addresses steroid toxicity in several unique ways. While there are other good “liver protector” products available, they are more for general liver health than anything. What sets this product apart is that it is SPECIFICALLY for promoting healthy liver function in the presence of oral steroids.

So how, specifically, do oral steroids cause cholestasis, and thus toxicity? As the steroid enters the liver, it becomes glucuronidated. This means a glucuronic acid molecule is attached to the 17-hydroxyl group of the steroid. The intended purpose of this is to make the steroid more water soluble so it can be excreted in the urine. That is what is supposed to happen, but these glucuronides tend to accumulate in the liver, where they are believed to act upon orphan receptors to cause a down regulation of bile acid transporters.1,6 Bile acid transporters are the most important factor for bile flow in the liver, and when these transporters disappear because of the steroid, bile flow stops and trouble starts.

If you had cholestasis and you went to the doctor, you would probably get a prescription for a drug called Ursodiol. This is the brand name for the bile salt ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA). UDCA would not be a bad choice for prevention of toxicity, but there are a few problems. First, it requires a prescription because it’s a drug. Second, even if you found some on the black market, it’s awfully expensive.

Fortunately, there is a better choice. The substance in question is tauroursodeoxycholic acid or TUDCA for short. It is the taurine conjugate of UDCA. TUDCA is an endogenous bile acid accounting for a small percent of the bile found in the human body. It has been used traditionally as well, being found in bear gall bladders, to treat liver disorders for many years.


There are multiple ways TUDCA aids in normal liver function. First, this bile acid acts to restore bile acid transporters. Doing this allows bile to flow normally via these transporters. Not only that, but it also acts to prevent formation of the toxic steroid glucuronides in the first place. A 2003 study showed that TUDCA noncompetitive inhibitor of steroid glucuronidation in vivo and in vitro.3 This means fewer toxic metabolites will be made in the first place! As if that one-two combination was not good enough, TUDCA may increase the excretion of any glucuronide metabolites that do get formed, so they will not be around long enough in the liver to start down regulating any bile acid transporters.4

So you can see this product is extremely targeted toward steroid toxicity, and is not a run of the mill liver protector. It helps prevent the formation of toxic steroid metabolites, reverses the toxic actions of the metabolites that do get formed, and speeds the elimination of the metabolites from the liver.

While we do not advocate the use of steroids, the reality of it is that many people use these products, often without medical supervision. A product such as Liver Longer would be extremely valuable as a health protective measure to anyone who did choose to use oral steroids, whether they are legal dietary supplement or illicit black market or prescription products.

Serving Size: 2 Tablets
Servings per Container: 30

Amount per Serving:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) 250mg

Suggested Use:
As an adult dietary supplement take one (1) tablet twice daily with meals

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Liver Care Supplements

What does your liver do? The liver is about the size of a football, it’s the largest organ in your body. The liver functions to refine and detoxify everything that you eat, breath and absorb through your skin. It converts the food you eat into energy, hormones and immune properties. It also stores certain vitamins and minerals such as irons and sugars. It helps you body fight off infection and removes bacteria from your blood helping you to stay healthy. As you can tell the liver plays a major role in your health.

The most important way to keep a healthy liver is diet, what we eat plays a vital role in keeping your liver healthy and functioning properly. Always remember that the main aim of eating is to give us energy as well as good health. Liver care supplements also help to increase liver function and can be a part of your daily diet to improve health.

SuperHealthCenter.com has Liver Care Supplements to help maintain a healthy liver and keep you bodies overall health at its optimal levels.
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