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Liquid Lanolin by NOW

Liquid Lanolin 4oz NOW
Liquid Lanolin 4oz NOW
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Liquid Lanolin by NOW is a strong moisturizer that is 100% unpolluted and can assist with softness and flawlessness related with healthy, fresh looking skin. Lanolin is comparable to natural skin oils and has a consistency like petroleum jelly. It is great for use on extremely dry, rough or chapped skin. Lanolin is natural oil that is a derivative from the fiber of sheep's wool. It is secreted from the skin of sheep and becomes ensnared in the sheep's wool, giving security from rain and moisture. Lanolin is painstaking a "heavy duty" moisturizer and emollient that indorses healthy, young skin.

Suggested Use: For deep moisturizing and protection, generously apply to areas where skin is severely dry, chapped, or may be exposed to a harsh environment.