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Leviathon & Incarnate Stack

Leviathon & Incarnate Stack (Palo Alto Labs)
Leviathon & Incarnate Stack (Palo Alto Labs)
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Leviathan is the first supplement of its kind to ever successfully combine intense fat burning potential with explosive muscle building. Ordinary thermogenic fat burning products are designed to only burn fat at the sacrifice of also burning off hard gained muscle you have earned from endless hours in the gym.

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Incarnate used while training will help you train longer, push your body through exhaustion and pump out those extra reps that you could never do before. Incarnate will help you break through those infuriating training plateaus by allowing you to blast through fatigue and train longer and harder.

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Leviathan Use:
Start with 1 capsule before breakfast and 1 capsule mid afternoon. After a couple days you can increase dosage to max 4 caps daily = 2 caps morning, 2 caps afternoon

Incarnate Use

On Training Days:

Take 3 Capsules 45 to 60 minutes prior to exercise and take 3 capsules within 60 to 90 minutes post workout. The post workout consumption is essential for muscle growth and support of healthy joints and ligaments.

On Non-Training Days:
Take 3 Capsules twice daily. Once in the late morning with food and once in the late afternoon or evening