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Kidney Scan Home Test

Kidney Scan 2 Test Testmedica
Kidney Scan 2 Test Testmedica
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Kidney Scan by Testmedica is an effective and low cost home scan that will check specific parameters in the urine. The detection of these parameters and their levels may be indicative of an abnormality or an infection.

No need to take time off from work. No insurance copays. Private. In-home test results are not shared with anyone. Accurate. When used as directed, over 99%.

Quick & easy. Just dip in urine and read results.

Each package contains 2 tests.

This test checks for protein in the urine. Protein is normally not found in the urine.
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Kidney Care

Kidneys remove waste products from the body and keep your body in balance. They also maintain your body’s natural water balance. Kidney disorders can lead to many other degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and possible even cancer. Your kidneys have a crucial role to filter your blood keeping it free from toxins; they also maintain the concentration and volume of blood in your body.

When your kidneys are not able to function properly its results in poor overall health for your entire body. Maintaining overall health as well as kidney health is important, remember that your kidneys are only one part of our complex systems and each part is related and acts as one unit to keep you healthy and feeling great.

SuperHealthCenter.com has Kidney Care Supplements to help maintain healthy kidneys.
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