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Jaded Anti-wrinkle & Firming Formula

Jaded 13.5oz Australian Gold Colorology
Jaded 13.5oz Australian Gold Colorology
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Jaded™ Dark Dual Bronzing Lotion with Coolant

Anti-wrinkle and Firming Formula

Your color is Jade Green! You are timeless, mystical, mesmerizing, and worldly. You crave forbidden pleasures and gardens of earthly delights. You have been there, done that, and know better than to do it again! To complement your rare beauty you desire skin the color of dark brown onyx.

Feature: Dual Bronzers

Benefit: Instant dark-deepening blend lasts 4 to 7 days.

Feature: Vitamin-enriched with CoQ10

Benefit: Skin-protecting essential nutrients for longer-lasting dark color.

Feature: Tanfresh™

Benefit: Helps eliminated after-tan odor

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