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Nitric Oxide Inflatable Muscles Pro

Pushing the Pump Toward Muscle Cell Implosion

We know your kind; you’re the uber-focused fan of t-back tanks grunting out your reps like a gorilla on hormones. Your biceps are bigger than the circumference of your brain; the embodiment of the ‘all brawn no brains’ term coined by clever size challenged cretins who make snide remarks through teeth gritted with envy. Meathead prototypes with vernacular that is chock full of words like jacked, stacked, juiced, ‘swole’ and pumped; pumping iron to go pro. Though your kind is secretly envied for the overt virility encompassed by your oversized frame, and your determination to dig deeper within your defined body to drum up innovative ways to further sculpt your physique has proven a muse for those who manufacture professional supplementation; and this time, Physical Sciences has been inspired by your resolution, and honors your toils with a pump perfecting product in their Building Blocks Series.

Physical Sciences Building Blocks Series, a professional body building and power lifting series geared towards the elite competitors with a masters in mass making, has incorporated the crave for vascularity and swell during training into a protein synthesizing supplement that is sure to rival the most renowned products utilized in weight training today. Nitric Oxide has its basis in notoriety rooted in the surge of blood flow that accompanies its cellular uptake; not only infusing the cell with flow and blowing up its size, but the increase in capacity allows for accommodation of increased nutrient uptake. Physical Sciences Building Blocks Series/Nitric Oxide Inflatable Muscles has developed a design that is undefeated in grade, purity and potency in their inflation blend. The use of pharmaceutical grade ingredients in a comprehensively complementary blend boosts the availability and efficacy of swell inducing ability and is just the first step in taking your swell to the next level of ‘swole’.

This introduction of a higher concentration of components critical to muscle cell creation enables an effective boost not only in bulk of cells, but of utilization of the core fuel delivered to this muscular destination. Nitric Oxide opens channels wide to receive the protein synthesizing compounds within this formula and is enhanced by the addition of a unique l-malate/ l-arginine bond doubling the Nitric impact to give you more even muscle synthesizing power to draw from the 8 mass making monsters in this mix. Creatine monohydrate will maximize your pump with the patency promoting properties to create gains in strength, size, swell, and fight the fatigue that holds you back from slinging the weights. Citrulline is incorporated into this science of swell by extending the life of your doubled up arginine to further the plasma NO, propagating a positive nitrogen balance which translates into a positive bulking balance. Physical Sciences Building Blocks Series also provides its trademark branched chain amino acids into the Building Blocks NO Inflatable Muscles to supercharge muscle tissue synthesis and promote recovery AND immune system support—it’s a one stop shop for the swell that will have your veins coiling around your biceps like little boa constrictors and dense lean hard mass that makes the weak willed drop their jaws to the floor like a dumbbell in awe of your raw power.

This stuff isn’t for the average, nor is it for the fickle fitness fans who manage their mandatory three day visits to the gym and balk at the body fluids they find on the floor. Its for the serious; the competitive, the ones who NEED the edge; to whom building their body is as core of a concept as building a structure is to an architect; it defines them. That is the drive behind Physical Sciences Building Blocks Series, and the NO Inflatable Muscles will serve as a testament to their mission to make matching their series a mission impossible. So bring your bulk to www.superhealthcenter.com, check out the reviews and discussions on their blog, tweet them @superhealthcent or cyber shop on superhealthcenter’s facebook page where its dedicated to Physical Sciences Products, and get your exclusive swell on.