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Indoor Tanning Lotion Products

Indoor Tanning Lotions have their place. Among tanning enthusiasts, they are the go-to when trying to prevent damage to their skin, but still wanting to establish color. Tanning outside in the sun’s ultraviolet rays has been proven to be harmful, even causing cancer. But tanning indoors, where you can be regulated, may be a safer alternative.

Indoor tanning salons are regulated by the FDA. This means that state, local and federal governments investigate tanning procedures and only allow standards that are in the best interests of your health. This means that you will not be overexposed to ultraviolet rays while tanning.

Indoor Tanning Lotions are therefore designed to keep your skin healthy under these government regulations. Indoor tanning products have the vitamins and moisturizers you need to keep your skin primed. And it’s a proven fact that your tan lasts longer when you use indoor tanning lotions. If you choose to tan indoors without the use of them, you will be drying out and damaging your skin.

Studies conducted in 2009 have shown that indoor tanning products have even been known to improve the overall health of skin. In one study, after 14 days of continuous use of indoor tanning products, over 4-% of participants noted that their skin was in “excellent” condition.