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Indoor Tanning Lotion

A quality Indoor tanning lotion are a must for anyone who wants that golden glow and healthy skin. Unlike sunscreen or sunblock, tanning lotions are designed to amplify the ultraviolet light rather than block it. The lotion is designed to activate the melanin in your body by increasing the blood flow to the skin. Thus, creating the darker skin tones.

Many tanning lotions now have a bronzing ingredient in them to help increase tanning. The goal is to give the user immediate color and a quick way to start the tanning process. Some of the bronzers are combined with other ingredients to give them a tingle factor. Tingle is the use of ingredients to bring blood and oxygen to the skin surface faster. The higher the tingle the more intense the tan becomes.

One of the main purposes for using indoor tanning lotions is to moisturize your skin. This is because tanning whether indoor or outdoors can dehydrate the skin. The additional moisturizing ingredients are needed to compensate the skins nutrients and leave your skin looking smooth & healthy.

Benefits of indoor tanning lotions

  • Longer lasting tans
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Skin tans evenly
  • Provides a deeper tan
  • Faster results in a shorter time period

Some of the essential skin conditioning ingredients you should look for include:

  • Essential oils and minerals
  • Natural organic butters
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Natural botanical extracts
  • Riboflavin
  • Copper
  • L-Tyrosine

These significant ingredients will maximize and enhance your tan to itís fullest potential.

Tanning has also been shown to reduce seasonal depression that is caused by lack of sunlight. This depression causes moodiness, weaker immune systems and lack of motovation in some. Indoor tanning helps to increase seratonin levels and fight off depression, so not only are your looking good you are feeling good too.

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Indoor Tanning Lotion