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Immune Dx by Plantiva

Immune Dx  60ct  Plantiva
Immune Dx 60ct Plantiva
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Immune Dx by Plantiva helps fight fatigue, exposure and stress by elevating the body’s immune system. Immune Dx has been proven to strengthen immune function, helping users to resist germs, fatigue, stress and exposure to challenges brought on by environment. Helps people from all walks of life.

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Ingredient Information: Astragalus Immunostimulant, hepatoprotective. Improves resistance to external challenges.

Stephania: Improves circulation of lymph and blood, relaxes muscles. Can relieve symptoms of muscle stiffness that interfere with an optimal immune response.

Epimedium: Helps maintain the strength and optimal function of the respiratory system. Epimedium is a warming and nutritive tonic with strong immune and respiratory benefits.

Dong Quai: Blood tonic, nutritive, hormone regulating. When properly combined with Astragalus it has broad immune health benefi¬ts.

Eleuthero: Relaxes the joints and muscles. Increases resistance and adaptability to harsh conditions.

Ginseng: Small doses increase central nervous system activity. Has immune benefits. Strengthens the lungs and respiratory system.

Echinacea: Mildly enhances immune function.