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How to Gain Quality Weight

There are people in this world who actually have a hard time putting on weight. While the average American probably despises these individuals, they still exist and often need help when it comes to adding quality mass. Most of them sorely underestimate the amount of calories they consume, and for the most part, they usually stuff themselves with junk food for the sake of “eating a ton.”

To gain good, solid mass, you need to feed your body with an abundance of quality calories. Feasting on four fast food hamburgers for lunch and a bag of potato chips for a late snack is not going to add good weight. Most of the time, people who eat like this end up “skinny-fat.” Hardgainers, as these people are referred to as, need to constantly supply their body with nutritious and calorie-dense food around the clock.

Foods like red meat, peanut butter, whole milk, whole eggs and cheese are great choices for individuals looking to put on quality lean muscle mass. While I generally would not recommend this grocery list to the average person, these foods are rich in calories and provide excellent nutrition for gaining muscular weight.

Weight gainers are an excellent way to supplement a weight gaining nutrition plan. While a lot of these gainers are filled with junk and look more like a box of brownie mix, there are some out there that provide quality calories for the hardgainer. When choosing a weight gainer, look for one that is low in sugar (about 10% of the carb content) but high in protein and carbohydrates.

As with the typical nutrition plan, even hardgainers should be eating the 5 to 6 meals per day. With the list of quality food choices from above, complemented by the weight gain powder, it should be easy to fuel your progress and pack on quality muscle mass.