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Hoodia may be the biggest breakthrough of all time for weight loss pills. Able to help individuals keep their hunger cravings in check, hoodia supplements offer a great advantage for those individuals who struggle with their weight loss plan.

Used for hundreds of years by the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert when they would go on long hunting treks, hoodia enabled the hunters to go without food and water for long periods of time. In addition to its’ appetite suppressing abilities, hoodia would also help keep the Bushmen’s energy levels high while food and water were in low supply.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that hoodia started to be researched for its potential diet aid properties. Eventually, the molecule known now as P57 was isolated as the one responsible for hoodia’s hunger reducing capabilities. The P57 molecule actually mimics the way glucose affects the brain, fooling it into thinking that the body it is full when the stomach is not.

There are certain guidelines to go along with purchasing an effective hoodia supplement. First, hoodia needs to come from the hoodia gordonii plant. There are a numer of different hoodia plants, but only the gordonii species possesses the appetite suppressing qualities.

Second, hoodia needs a very hot climate to mature properly, and this climate is the Kalahari Desert. Do not purchase hoodia that is made from seeds that are from the Kalahari, but were grown anywhere else. In addition, The P57 molecule only comes from the heart of the hoodia gordonii plant, so be aware of hoodia supplements that use the entire plant. That can provide for a lot of additional waste.

Do not use hoodia as a way to avoid eating as much food as possible. This is not only unhealthy, but eventually your body will realize it’s not getting any food. While the research is not yet 100% conclusive, hoodia looks to be a powerful ally for dieters. At this time, there is no specific dosage range for individuals, so a lot will depend on genetics, weight and additional factors. Hoodia can provide a major boost to a weight loss program, but be sure to follow the specific guidelines to get the most out of this wonderful supplement.