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It’s the holiday season, you find yourself moseying through the aisles humming along with the music that a month ago made you grimace with its premature signaling of the festive shopping season. You smell cinnamon and pine from the seasonal potpourri being pushed upon you at every check out. The whimsical characters and props make you smile in memory of your own childhood, as vivid in memory as the shamelessly bright ornaments on department store Christmas trees. You see a sale sign ahead that makes you crane your neck to see around the display that blocks its entirety. Still maneuvering you attempt to redirect the cart that you were just lackadaisically lounging against; you notice there’s a road block in front of you in an overdone holiday sweatshirt, garishly adorned with jingle bells that slowly clink, marking each labored and insufferably slow step. You grit your teeth, “move it granny..”, though you know she can’t hear, your irritation of her lack of awareness is seething through your skin with a candy cane stickiness. You imagine clipping her swollen ankle that spills over the top of her orthopedic shoe to physically exert your impatience. Or ramming your cart into her wide jogging pants clad bottom and blowing the brass horn held placidly by the angel in the Nativity scene next to you. You can feel your heart race as the mercenary inside makes itself known; its every man for himself you see, and you are hell bent on that bargain.

The stress of the holidays often brings an alarmingly thick haze of irritation as you wade through crowds that are oblivious to other beings. People stopping in the middle of aisles, moseying down sidewalks, distracted while driving and misguided by their GPS. Scarce parking, full elevators, grossly increasing waits in line can all make that feeling spewing up like a hot geyser, spewing the nastiness that numbs you to niceties. This time of year is prime for increased stress and decreased ability to manage it. Superhealthcenter.com explains the magnitude of people that express this very feeling as a motivator for a stress reducing substance. “It can be tough to be overloaded with ten times as much to do in the same allotted space, it can wear a person’s civility down quickly. During times of stress, chemical interactions take place that can be prevented by proper supplementation to ward of the war you want to wage against the world.” For example, , Avena Sativa and its compounds work as nervous system relaxants to ease stress, anxiety and the various resulting forms of rage that make just about anyone within a reasonable distance a potential victim of an out lash. www.superhealthcenter.com has many stress reducing products including B vitamins, renowned for its stress reducing properties. These types of supplements support the nervous system and produce the energy needed to handle the stress of overcrowded venues, traffic jams, insufficient parking, incompetent cashiers, and over stimulation by incessant jingle bells jingle bells, jingle…. This product promotes a peace of mind that is refreshed enough to suppress the beast that the holiday season can bring out in the best of us.

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