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HMB Supplements for Muscle Building

HMB Supplements

HMB also known as beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate is one of the most used and popular bodybuilding supplements available today. HMB is a breakdown of the amino acid leucine, this is one of the body's essential amino acids. HMB is naturally produced in your body from the proteins in our food.

HMB supplements have the ability to help burn fat and build muscle in response to strenuous exercise. A recent study on humans who used HMB showed greater strength, endurance, and increased fat loss, to those not using it. HMB actually increases the rate of protein being used by the body to accelerate muscle growth, while slowing the atrophy or breakdown to muscle.

Benefits of taking HMB Supplements

Increase muscle mass
Decrease weight loss
Increase endurance
Decrease recovery times

HMB supplementing allows the body to stay in an anabolic state longer, allowing the body to build more muscle. HMB also helps to protect the muscles from damage after exercising and speeding up the recovery process. This means better results in a shorter time period while using HMB products.

Endurance athletes who train very seriously will often find themselves on the verge of overtraining can benefit greatly from HMB supplements. Overtraining causes major muscle breakdown and causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol. Because cortisol increases protein breakdown, HMB supplements can counter the cortisol and help protect muscle from damage and slow recovery.

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