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HEMO’RAGE’; Frighteningly Effective
HemoRage Ultra by Nutrex

Now, don’t be put off by the product label writer’s overzealous approach to packing a punch to product delivery; in fact, this punch would be by an iron clad, hulk sized fist, with teeth and guns at that. The ingredients are cleverly delivered in a emotion elicited manner to help you understand the potency behind this steely supplement designed as a pre workout pump to set you up for a muscle thrashing session your body wants (in some masochistic way.) Though the formula sounds like it was comprised by part witch’s coven, part psych ward, and part sadist, the ingredients are valid despite the voodoo it seems they commence.

HemoRage Ultra by Nutrex is a powder form supplements designed to deliver the most effective muscle synthesizing compounds in a synergistic fashion to create a visual monster of your muscle in the making. Chock full of Nitric oxide compounds and detailed in their “blood boil” activator, vessels dilate to allow the pump of blood to fill your veins to the brim and deliver important protein synthesizing components directly to the core. A “psycho neuro” complex combines central nervous system stimulants to crank up your concentration and mental energy . A “blood doping matrix” comprised of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein retention ingredients, makes a dealer out of your blood cells, giving your tissues what they fiend for in nutrients so they get the fix they need to function at their best. A “fat detonator” tosses in thermogenic genius in their caffeine, yohimbine, and theobromine mix to keep your body burning fat while loading up on lean tissue. And you probably want to know what gets you the maniacal muscular gains in this mind blowing mix; the anabolic energy blend consisting of testosterone and growth support from a superfluous list of synthesizers.

HemoRage Ultra might sound a bit intimidating, but don’t be scared sissy—go on over to www.superhealthcenter.com and see what they have to incite fear, and the fanatic in you.