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Hellfire EPH 150 from Innovative Bio Labs

Do you need a little boost with your fat loss program? Have the holidays wreaked havoc on your nutrition plan and you’ve packed on a few unwanted pounds? Has your motivation come to a standstill? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the new ephedra weight loss pill Hellfire EPH 150 may just be exactly what you’re looking for to light that motivational fire once again.

Hellfire starts off with a special brand of ephedra known as Ephedran, which is a powerful alkaloid of ephedra to help increase energy levels and promote rapid calorie burning. Ephedran will have you energized and ready to go, enabling you to drop those unwanted pounds in no time flat, while also helping to curb your appetite.

Added to this, Hellfire contains a 150mg dose of caffeine for an added energy boost and calorie burning. Caffeine also acts as a mild diuretic, helping to drop excess water weight to better reveal those toned muscles and curves.

Innovative Bio Labs has also included two special proprietary blends in Hellfire. The first blend is StimMax, which is a combination of powerful energizers to help keep you ready and alert for hours. The second is ThermoCore, a special herbal blend that is designed to help increase calorie burning through the body’s own natural thermogenesis.

With the powerful combination of ingredients contained within Hellfire EPH 150, your weight loss goals are going to be much easier to attain than with diet and exercise alone. Hellfire truly is a powerful ally in the quest to lose weight.