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Healthy Greens Liquid

Healthy Greens Liquid 32oz Dynamic Health
Healthy Greens Liquid 32oz Dynamic Health
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Healthy Greens liquid formula offers a synergistic way to satisfy the body's thirst for natural green foods, important minerals, essential vitamins and contains many essential plant and grain ingredients which work together to create a nutritionally-balanced vegan juice blend that can benefit body and mind.

Benefits of each key ingredient:

Blue-Green Algae (Klamuth Lake)

  • Can help to maintain mental clarity
  • Can help aid weight loss
  • Can help improve general health
  • Can help to improve the condition of hair, skin, and nails
  • Can help to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Can boost the energy level and increase vitality


  • Is a powerful antioxidant and is high in protein
  • Can help to lower blood pressure
  • Can help relieve symptoms of arthritis and diabetes
  • Can help to control the appetite, aiding the functioning of the digestive system and relieving obesity
  • Can help to relieve constipation


  • Is a powerful detoxifier
  • Can help to improve disgetion and relieve digestive difficulties
  • Can help to balance the body's pH
  • Can help to maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Can help to maintain normal blood pressure levels
  • Can help to strenthen the immune system
  • Can help to eliminate bad breath and diminish the discomforts caused by constipation

    Alfalfa Leaf

  • Can help to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Can help to treat and prevent urinary tract infections
  • Can help to relieve arthritis pain
  • Can help to maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Can boost energy levels
  • Can aid in the process of weight loss

    Wheat Grass

  • Contains many important antioxidants
  • Has traditionally been used to fight many forms of cancer
  • May help to prevent the formation of kidney stones
  • Can help relieve colic, nausea, indigestion and flatulence
  • Can help to cleanse and deodorize the digestive system, eliminating bad breath
  • Can help to increase metabolism

    Barley Juice

  • Is a powerful antioxidant
  • Boosts the immune system and energy levels
  • Can help to relieve arthritis
  • Can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Calcium Complex 240gm All One Nutritech
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    Symptoms associated with high blood pressure.


    Causes of high blood pressure

    Low to no activity or exercise
    Tobacco use
    Sodium intake
    Family history of high blood pressure

    Natural remedies and lifestyle changes may help you to control high blood pressure. It is also important to talk to a doctor and get routine checkups as some individuals may require medication.

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