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Glutamine DiPeptides by Physical Sciences

Glutamine DiPeptides 600g Physical Sciences
Glutamine DiPeptides 600g Physical Sciences
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Glutamine DiPeptides by Physical Sciences is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. However, under periods of intense stress, the body cannot manufacture enough of it to support itsí requirements. If you are a serious athlete, it only makes sense that you should be supplementing with Physical-Sciences Glutamine DiPeptides.

Glutamine is a very versatile amino acid. Supplementing with glutamine aids in a healthy immune system, increases mental alertness and helps to fight off fatigue. On top of that, supplemental glutamine is anti-catabolic and anabolic, helping to preserve the glutamine stores in skeletal muscle.

Glutamine dipeptides have a major advantage over regular L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine, which is what many companies use, is not soluble in water and the glutamine is not stable in the solution. By synthesizing glutamine into dipeptides (two amino acids bonded together by a peptide bond) this has solved the stability issue as the glutamine dipeptides are very soluble in water and stable in solution.

Physical-Sciences Glutamine DiPeptides may be the perfect glutamine supplement. You get all the normal advantages of glutamine with the added benefit of it being a dipeptide. One scoop provides you with 7 grams of one of the most useful amino acids used in muscle building supplementation.

RESEARCH COMPOUNDS Our research line of products are all from the medical industry. They are the same compounds used by the top medical and scientific research institutions world wide. These compounds are 100% guaranteed to be the best in the world.

GLUTAMINE diPEPTIDES The anticatabolic/anabolic action of the glutamine dipeptides can be explained by their effect in sparing skeletal muscle L-glutamine stores. Most of the L-glutamine in the body is synthesized in skeletal muscle, where it is also stored. Under conditions of metabolic stress, skeletal muscle can be depleted of its L-glutamine, which is used for metabolic activities of other tissue/ cells, such as enterocytes and lymphocytes.

GLUTAMINE diPEPTIDES VS. REGULAR L-GLUTAMINE USE Recently L-glutamine was lacking from TPN (Totoal Parenteral Nutrition). The reason for this is because L-glutamine is not soluble in water (one gram dissolves in 20.8 ml of water at 30 degrees Celsius) and L-glutamine is unstable in solution. On of the problems has been solved by the synthesis of glutamine-containing dipeptides, which are very soluble in water and stable in solution.

Serving Size 7g (1 scoopful) scoop provided
Servings per container: 86/Amount Per Serving

SUGGESTED USE As a dietary supplement take 1 rounded scoopful immediately following intense physical activity and 1 scoopful before bedtime as the human body does most of itís tissue repair/regeneration while at rest.