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Transport Glucose to Muscle w/ Glucozene

Glucozene-Rx 90ct Hi-Tech
Glucozene-Rx 90ct Hi-Tech
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Glucozene-Rx by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is an herbal formulation that is now available at www.Superhealthcenter.com which includes Lagerstroemia speciosa L., a raw material that serves as a glucose transporter. Glucozene-Rx has added eight synergistic compounds to its active component, Corosolic Acid, to help maintain overall glucose health, with Chlorogenic Acid as the most potent.

Gucozene-Rx is also used as a bodybuilding supplement because it helps enable glucose transport into muscle, and subsequently increases muscle glycogen deposition. It is this comprehensive and unique formulation that sets Glucozene-Rx apart from other like products

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