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Targeting the Freak in Your Physique
A Testosterone Triple Threat at www.SuperHealthCenter.com

For the gym junkies hooked on a hankering for the hulk look; those seeking size to widen the eyes of the other guys; those whose ego depends on the pump they can get without the stick—look no further than Genetyx PH Series for your sizeable gains and envy generating ripped up pump, available only at www.superhealthcenter.com

Genetyx PH Series is a trio of testosterone triggering, muscle manufacturing, fatigue fighting perfection in a pump promoting product line to give you the comprehensive needs to rule the weight room. Genetyx PH Series Mutate will serve your muscle cells to incinerate fat and fuel the protein synthesis on a cellular level to rewire the testosterone capability defined by your DNA in a two part dry gain H-drol/S-drol combo and coupled with DMZ, it is an undefeatable dualistic danger to muscle loss and fatigue and shameless promoter of testosterone production. The Genetyx PH Splice is a Winstrol Precursor to harden the bulk you build through ‘mutation’ manufactured in the Mutate, to keep you steely lean while you beget the bulk of anabolic boosters. As a final insult to gymrat onlookers, Genetyx PH Series Morph serves up an unrivaled pre workout formula to force the blood flow and fill your muscle cells with protein synthesizing components generating a freakish fullness of vascularity to decorate your physique and deliver what you need for size, strength and endurance.

So you want to be noticed in the sweat room? Go ahead and be a freak with Genetyx PH Series Product line, and leave the normalcy to the little guys.