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Gamma-O for Men to Obtain Lean Muscle

Gamma-O for Men to Obtain Lean Muscle 32oz
Gamma-O for Men to Obtain Lean Muscle 32oz
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Gamma-O For Him is scientifically engineered for every man. The male body's hormone production peaks at about 18 years of age. From that point in life, men will lose energy, have decreased strength and endurance, and ultimately a poor libido (sex drive). This process varies widely from person to person. Some men have such a gradual decrease they never notice it, others may need medical help or hormone replacement therapy, but now there is Gamma-O For Him.

Gamma-O For Him is an all natural rice bran extract. Gamma-O works on the hypothalamus to control the pituitary gland which controls the body's endorphin and hormonal release patterns. These hormones include the male sex hormone- testosterone.

A natural increase in testosterone has tremendous anti-aging properties for men. Almost like reversing the aging process, increasing your testosterone production naturally rejuvenates and revitalizes your entire body. Studies have shown that men ingesting Gamma-O feel younger, have more energy and have a noticable difference in sex drive and erectile function.

Gamma Oryzanol is a combination of substances found in rice bran oil. In Japan, it is a widely accepted fact that rice bran oil contains many beneficial traits. These traits have been difficult to duplicate in supplements, due to the fact that the human body does not absorb the extracts in powder form. We at Gamma Enterprises have developed a unique process of transforming the powder extract into a liquid emulsion now known as Gamma-O.