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Physical Sciences Gaining Ground and Interest; Building Block Series

Sounds like an order, does it not? You almost can’t help but do as you’re told with ‘Gain it’; the newest product carried by exclusive Physical Sciences retailer www.superhealthcenter.com, and part of the much talked about Building Block Series within this line of supplement superiority. Gain it is a composition of protein and carbohydrates to aid in training endurance, protein synthesis, and glycogen restoration.

Physical Sciences Building Block Series ‘Gain it’ is built upon the principle well known in the body building world of restoring glycogen levels immediately following training to prevent catabolism of protein. The body will utilize available fuel sources in a particular order, starting with carbs. If carbs are not present, or are depleted from training, protein is next in the execution line of metabolic processes. By consuming carbs, usually in the form of simple sugars, it bolsters the fuel supply and shoves all the nutrients back into the cells for use in continued protein utilization for anabolism of lean tissue.

Physical Sciences Gain it is comprised of high quality dextrose (aka glucose polymers) to give your burn center a pure and easily digested source to, not only spare the muscle, but to spike your insulin levels to further your gains. This is coupled with the highest quality protein in concentrate form to deliver aminos to cells within their most demanding time frame; 90 minutes post workout.

Physical Sciences Gain it is just another testament to the scientific insight that spurs this unprecedented line of supplementation now available to the world of body building through one exclusive retailer; www.superhealthcenter.com

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